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In today’s challenging business environment, it is vital to have a productive workforce. This is the key to success. Managers must agree that employee engagement as well as retention should be at the top of their priority list.

What is the problem behind this?

In today’s job market, majority of employees start feeling uninspired by their work very quickly. They start getting bored after 2 years and start searching for new jobs to work on new projects.

Hence, it is important for businesses to have employee engagement activities to boost their morale and increase job satisfaction. These activities are essential because employee productivity is closely linked to the performance and profitability of any business. If you are actively engaging your workforce in a meaningful, yet fun way, then you do not have to worry about employee retention. But, how do you engage employees efficiently?

Encouraging employee engagement is not an easy task. Now-a-days, there are several employees that are working remotely, and the proliferation of messaging apps and email has reduced the need to speak to colleagues in person thereby posing difficulty for organisations to encourage collaboration and team work.

So, if you deliberately want to encourage your employees to interact and work more closely together, then below are the five fun ways to consider:

Culinary Team Building Activity

This activity requires each member to put their team and leadership skills into action by creating new dishes. This is a fun activity that could end up in disaster or dessert ????. You just need to divide your whole team into smaller teams, pick any food category and challenge them to make something delicious. In order to add more fun to it, you can pick one single ingredient and make its usage compulsory for all the teams.

Get Answers by Astrology / Numerology

Many a times, your employees don’t like their job or it just don’t seem fulfilling to them. This will only lead to wavering thoughts and uncertainty. To boost the morale of your employees you can call an astrologer or numerologist at your workplace who can help them out by addressing their issues ☹(personal or work related). This is a fairly new strategy but you should trust the experts.








Call Shweta Bhardwaj, an engineer turned astrology and numerology expert who can actually give them new directions, encourage their creativity and energy flow that would lead to better productivity.

Two Truths and a Lie

This fun activity is a type of house party game, but it would be an excellent idea to play it in your office which will help in integrating co-workers who don’t yet know each other.

It is a simple game where in you just have to ask your team members to stand in a circle. Make a small podium where each person will introduce themselves to the other members. They have to tell their names and along with this ask them to say three things about himself / herself from which only two must be true. The other members have to guess the lie.

Call A Workplace Relationship Expert


Bad working relationships can be detrimental to the health of your business. Going to work every day can frighten your employees. According to a survey conducted by TINY pulse, there are half of the employees thatare not satisfied with their managers. This type of dis-satisfaction will not only result in poor attitude but also will reduce the productivity of the company.

Hence, it is very important to call a workplace relationship expert to your premises. A relationship expert knows very well that if there is one bad apple in the bunch, then that one bad apple can really hurt the enthusiasm of the entire team.

Relationship experts (marriage / personal life) are perfect in boosting the morale of the employees not only at the professional front but an expert can also address their personal issues which might be disturbing them thereby resulting in poor performance.After talking with the experts, your employees will start caring about each other and will go the extra mile to complete a task.

In case you are thinking of calling a relationship expert, don’t hesitate to contact Vishal Bhardwaj now.


Host an Anxiety Party

Google Ventures team came up with this idea where everyone gathers around and share their anxieties.

They created this idea when the team members started facing doubts and work-related anxieties. Also, they were rather hesitant to discuss these anxieties with their teammates.

So, they threw an Anxiety Party.


  • Firstly, convince everyone to attend.
  • Give everyone a piece of paper.
  • Ask them to write any work-related anxieties or worries relating to work.
  • Give them 10 minutes to write down worries like “I am worried that my work is monotonous”.
  • Collect those papers.
  • Then, address each issue & discuss ways to counteract these anxieties with actionable goals.
  • Throw these anxiety parties as per the needs of your employees.

Other Ideas

Work from Home Policy

There should be a policy of work from home on every Wednesdays (or any one day of a week). Work from home Wednesdays has several benefits.

  1. It provides flexibility along with work life balance
  2. Working from home in pajamas will forever be a good idea

The mid-day of a week is one such day when we have tough problems, so employees should get a work from home to sort out those problems with fewer distractions.Every company cannot afford such work from home policies on a frequent basis. So, if possible then instead of every week, you can offer any one day of a month.

Welcome Card/Gift to New Hires

Do you want to make your new employees feel disengaged on the very first day of their office? No? then this is one of the first employee engagement activities to introduce to a new hire.

The idea behind this is to present a welcome gift to the new hires. You can opt for some more creative ideas as below:

  • Present them with company branded stuff like Mugs, t-shirts, cool stationery, etc.
  • Introduce them to the team.
  • Give them the opportunity to choose their first project which will help in boosting their morale when they will successfully complete it.

All of this seems to be simple but it is not easy. It takes focus, discipline and follow-through. So, get after it ????????????!!




Predictions for Success is aimed to educate about the science and logic behind Vedas. Founded by the engineer couple, Shweta and Vishal Bhardwaj.


Predictions for Success is aimed to educate about the science and logic behind vedas. Founded by engineer couple, Shweta and Vishal Bhardwaj, the company offers different astrological and numerological consultation, Vaastu Consultation, motivational lectures, spiritual guidance and much more.


We have served more than 8000 clients from over 45 countries. Our work was recognized by The Economic Times, Catch News, The Digest, Indian Women Achievers etc. We are also proud to be awarded as the Top Business of the Year 2018 award by the International independent customer survey company ThreeBestRated.


We can be contacted for any kind of predictions and questions regarding Vaastu Shasta, personal life, marriage & love life, job &business related issues, education, matchmaking, compatibility calculations, legal problems, family bonding or anything which is making your life tensed. We are also very open for the opportunities as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaking, Daily Horoscope Prediction, Career Mentoring and expert panel on social reforms.

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