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16th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Changing the job profile and switching to another precinct of exploration is not an uncommon thing to ponder upon. But what about the repercussions? How far the decision is right if you are willing to change your job profile? Is it conducive enough to survive the competitive world? Well, here we are with answers.

According to the best career coach of India Vishal Bhardwaj, the very first thing, one has to keep in mind before taking such a decision, what are the consequences one has to deal with as a result of the swap. If it is a whimsical decision out of curiosity, then the outcome of it would dire.


Here are a few things one should be considered thinking deeply about before taking such a decision :


  1. The reason for shifting

As we have discussed earlier, a professional has to realize the necessity of change in the first place. If the decision is taken to strengthen the financial stability which is deteriorated somehow, then the requirement of a blueprint for the new job is very much indispensable. You can not afford an occupation providing fewer benefits or sheer loss in comparison to a job that provides a standard amount of benefits. So you have to go for a job where you must have plenary knowledge about it, at the same time interest, resource, and labor.


  1. Interest and curiosity

Sometimes people wish to change their respective jobs only to be in the pursuit of their dream and happiness. They prefer to give a chance to their avocations and hobbies as a profession. Whatever learning they have and the excellence they have achieved in extracurricular activities, they want to implement those to earn money and satisfaction, simultaneously. But in such cases, people have to understand the scope for their talent. While music, acting, and sports have made their mark as professions, other activities like dance, painting, and writing require tremendous exposure to shine. So people need to ensure their financial stability at first and then their avocations.


  1. Proper Blueprint

There is nothing wrong if you choose to bring a shift in your livelihood. But for that, you need certain prerequisites to contemplate. If your switch going to indulge you in a business, then you must need several resources to establish yourself as a businessman. It can not happen overnight and it would be sheer stupidity if we think in this absurd way. If one is trying to pursue the dream and want to give a chance to the talent, it requires enough training and excellence in that particular field.


Well, if the change is all about an academic switch, then one has to impose substantial knowledge with validation from respective institutions for a career in that particular field. For example, if an IT professional willing to try his hand in literature, then he needs to know the nuances of literature and should impose enough proficiency in it.


  1. Safe or not

It is absolutely a state of nothingness. Because you want to construct a career from the scratch. There is enough risk you would dwindle in the storm, also possibilities of shining thorough horrendous darkness. The things that come to the fray, your patience, perseverance, understanding, and agility. A decision should be well analyzed before it is taken and the right decision would pave the path of success for you. Once you are on the right path, you can walk with perseverance and patience.


To sum up, the risk of losing is always there. But one survives who dares to take a risk and take it seriously.

Hope this article helps you to take decide whether or not you should consider a profile change. For any queries feel free to contact India’s recommended career counselor Vishal Bhardwaj, by visiting our website.

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