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6th April 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In numerology, every number is unique and has certain characteristics. When numbers are associated with individuals, they equally signify certain attributes. Those attributes might be positive or negative, but they are very persistent in the journey.

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Here the best astrologer of India Shweta Bhardwaj brings you the Zodiacs and their lucky numbers!

Number 1: Leo
  • Number 1 is the Godhead number that is the base of all the numbers.
  • It exemplifies the whole cosmos in it. All those who are born on 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month have this extraordinary digit as their life-path number.
  • It embodies enormous desire and contention. People who relate to number 1 have an optimistic opinion towards life. They always wish the best in life.
  • It is a number that implies accomplishment and strength increased by much forbearance and committed labor.


Number 2: Cancer
  • Number 2, the number of dualism, is controlled by planet Moon and belongs to the zodiac sign Cancer. People born between 2, 11, 20, and 29 have number 2 s their life-path number.
  • It is a mix of both optimistic and pessimistic ideology, failure and profit, or plain phrases male and female.
  • As the legislation of this number is done by the Moon which glows by the reflected glow of the sun, people of this number are likely to get affected by others effortlessly.


Number 3: Sagittarius and Pisces
  • Number 3 is a figurative representation of a triangle.
  • People who are born on 3, 12, 21, and 30th of any month own this number.
  • The three sides of the triangle signify force, matter, and consciousness.
  • Indication and accretion of life are also exemplified by this digit.
  • Impressive persona and immense prosperity are the temperament traits of natives of number 3.


Number 4: Leo

  • Governed by Sun, number 4 will take the wind out of your sails.
  • As number 4 is ruled by Sun and represents zodiac sign Leo number 4 natives shares some of their traits with number 1 native.
  • People born on 4, 13, 22, and 31st of any month pose the power of number 4.
  • They are true to their words and always look ahead. Their reasonable method towards life is what protects them going.


Number 5: Gemini

  • Number 5 is regulated by planet Mercury and exemplifies falsehood at times.
  • The justification behind this illusion trait in number 5 natives is that their ruling planet, Mercury is highly emotional and known to embody the personalities of other associated planets.
  • People born on 5, 14, and 23rd of any month belongs to the number 5.
  • Number 5 natives pose vibrant stability that gets distracted easily.
  • They don’t attend any pre-planned techniques to get prosperity. They make their agendas and execute them as per their wish.

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