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12th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

How bizarre it would be to acknowledge that the inculcation of the “Solipsism” happens to be the paramount practice to perpetuate the existence of the human on this gigantic earth. How disgusting It would be to act as a varmint, despite having an abundant conscience and ample emotion, only to provide protection to your own Precious water bubble life. Not so long and no more wait, the time has arrived! Well, it is harsh to prognosticate whether the conclusion of this kaleidoscopic world is closer or a few more centuries left to the termination, but the trailer has been premiered already to give an impeccable notion about the tragic climax.


In the convulsion, the ominous truth of life is yet to be discussed that we will retrocede to an era of Troglodytes and Neanderthals, where the conscience, compassion, and co-existence did exist barely. Yes! This is the futuristic world envisaged where the essence of humanity will be evaporated from humans themselves. The more discouraging part of this impending predicament; regardless of the ethics and morality you are bestowed with, you have to pretend like a callous caveman sans the sympathy and sensitivity. In the future, we are going to survive a world of humans where transparency will be tested in the equivocal eyes. A throe of revolutionary social change that will be witnessed where we would fight against our kith and kin. You will only grudge to God for leaving you in a state of Gehenna, where a tender touch of anyone can give you the casualty that you had never imagined of.


In the past few months of the turmoil, one thing has generated a positive buzz; “ The mother Earth is healing ”. Some esoteric people believe that, in exchange for human suffering and home arrest, the dilapidated nature will be resuscitated in a multitude of vivacity. No, this woolgathering will be torn into smithereens when a Covid 19 vaccine will be introduced to this unaltruistic world. Lucidly explaining, we will be colliding against a double-whammy. In the first scenario, the fear will ravage humanity and compassion, will forge domestic violence, will surge a disastrous famine, and will orchestrate silent bloodshed. In contrast, the assurance of an elixir will again exploit the elegance of the world, endangered species will be extinct, greens will look gray, and the end will look kenspeckle. Dear humans, The world is already in the oven and the outcome will shock you.


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