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Numbers! Right from the beginning of the universe, when there was absolute void, to the formations of galaxies, stars, planets, moons and finally the various forms of life; everything is dependent on numbers. Consider the very basic building block of everything, an atom. Combine one proton and one electron we get the most efficient fuel known to man, but add another proton and electron and we get the most stable element known to the humankind. Right from the time we get up, we leave for work, have date schedules, birthdays and anniversaries; we are surrounded by numbers.

Numbers play an exceptional role in our life, more than we can think of. Numerology, a complex term with a simple meaning, the study of numbers. The father of Numerology and a great mathematician, Pythagoras quoted “Numbers Rule the Universe”. Numerology is the combination of ancient knowledge and the modern statistical sciences which predicts using the past, meaning that, with the help of specially-designed mathematical tools and numbers ranging from 1 to 9 combined with the ancient statistical data gathered over the centuries, the true identity of any person can be determined with high accuracy. Some of the major numbers that play significant in our lives are: Karmic Numbers, Destiny Number and Talent Number.

Numerology is an ancient science that believes in the rebirth. The idea behind this belief is that, a person is sent into the world to learn some lessons about the life; anyone who fails to learn these life lessons in the first life are sent back with the burden of that lesson to be learnt. This burden of past life in Numerology is referred to as the Karmic Debt and is shown by the Karmic Numbers. These Karmic Numbers ensure that the person learns the required lesson, but these are also the most rewarding numbers as the reward of your hard work is given immediately when the debt is complete.

Another significant number in Numerology is the Destiny Number. Destiny Number is known by many names like the Expression Number or the Psychic Number. A person’s name reveals his physical and mental capabilities. It represents the life-long goal of a person. As clear by the name, it reveals your talents, characteristics, abilities and shot-comings. This number answers the question of “What you are destined to be?”

The name of a person is given to him by the world as a welcome gift but, the date of birth is given to us by the almighty and hence contributes to the most decorated number, the Talent Number. Also known as the Fate Number, it tells about the life path prepared for us by the supreme power. As soon as you are born, you enter a state with no knowledge of before, free of concepts and thoughts. The talent number is what provides the outline of path you are meant to follow throughout your life. This numbers answers to “What path you need to follow?”

Further to that, numbers like the Personality Number, Heart Number, Ultimate Number, and many more play a much significant role along with the Karmic, Talent and Destiny Numbers to accurately predict for the future of a person. One thing we all must remember is that the numbers can only guide us for the future but, the key to success is always hard work. A person with extremely lucky numbers may not get success he was destined to get because he lacks hard work and will; while, a person with less rewarding numbers could reach the peak of success with the help of hard work and proper guidance.

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