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28th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Marriage is one of the auspicious social institutions that has been eulogized in Hindu mythology to Societal relationships so impeccably. It is considered as the unification of two bodies into a soul of promise, love, and emotion. Well, it is believed that couples are made in heaven. But every marriage does not step onto the rose petals to reach the destination. Some go through the tunnel of darkness, stumbling upon hurdles. Those marriages with complications never have a soothing journey. They always go through relentless drawbacks, sometimes troubling the couple and sometimes their wellbeing.

Even the best marriage counselor worldwide can’t deny the effect of Astrology on relationships. The study of astrology provides a substantial amount of information about the well-being of couples, taking their zodiac into account. But here we accentuate a few necessities of Astrology before marriage.

The first necessity of Astrology before the marriage is to check the compatibility between the two sides. In Astrology, the exchange of Kundli is one of the important procedure where both the parties exchange respective Kundli of both the bride and groom. In the procedure, the astrologer declares the percentile of compatibility.

Secondly, the importance of zodiac sign and their attributes. When it comes to a marriage, it is observed that the in-laws are very much concerned about the happenings in their zodiac sign. The zodiac sign before marriage becomes a prima-facie to going to be a relationship.

Sometimes horoscopes have inauspicious Doshas and Yogs in their ambit. Often those Doshas and Yogs are critical for the concerned individual. They create more havoc and disturbance in the life of the individual if not treated properly. There are Doshas and Yogas which are equally positive and influential. They tend to change the behavior of the individual and consequently, it would affect the marital bliss of the individual.

There are Doshas like Mangalik which need to be treated before the marriage. To avoid any kind of unprecedented dreadful happening after tying the knot, astrology recommends certain fruitful steps to work on. Astrology asks to perform rituals and poojas to overcome such issues.

To conclude, marriage is one of the highlighted happenings in one’s life. This can not be a whimsical decision, neither can be outraged and badly influenced by any whimsical decision. The right step before the decision can save two innocent lives and definitely, the emotions, reputations, and stature of two different families. We recommend you to to address your issues. We are here to listen to you only. Our experts  Shweta Bhardwaj & Vishal Bhardwaj will guide you with accurate suggestions.


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