AstrologyThe 12 House Of Astrology And How They Affect Your Life

24th October 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Do you know anything about the term houses in astrology?

Astrology involves studying the pattern of the planets and stars that concern with human experience. You are familiar with your Zodiac signs or maybe the definition of astrology as well.

You might have heard the phrases like – Aries is short-tempered, Cancers Are the Most Dangerous, Leos Are the Worst Drivers, and so on.

Ever think how these facts are determined?

The entire concept of astrology depends on three factors -Planets, Signs, and Houses.

We are going to describe them in detail one by one, but first, let’s talk about houses.

Coincidently 12 zodiac signs are divided into 12 segments in astrology they are called houses.

Houses are nothing but a map in the sky in which different planets move from one house to another. 

They each represent different parts of our lives like the 1st house is for body and face, 2nd house is for blood vessels that connect throat and neck, 5th house is for hearth, spinal cord, and mind, just like that, all 12 houses have a different purpose.

The Zodiac begins with the first house which represents the sign and significance of Aries and follows counterclockwise.

The moment you were born, the planets were all on specific signs, and houses and astrologers use your birth chart to track all those records.

The meaning of that planet, the house it’s in and the sign it belongs to that very moment.

They use these data to map and predict all those hurdles and fortunes you are going to receive in the future. They will suggest you required actions or remedies accordingly.

The daily astrology or horoscope you check is not as accurate as your birth chart.

To map all those records deeply and accurately you need to do your birth chart. You can ask any astrologer to do that for you, or there are many online sources as well where you can do that for free.

Your birth chart will reveal many facts like which career you should choose, when to get married, if you should settle in foreign or not, so on.

So it’s highly recommended to do your birth chart first.

Did you ever notice your parents talking about in which house a particular planet was when you were born? Or someone constantly saying ‘my planets are not in the right position’?

Well, here we are going to make your life easier. Let’s talk about different houses in astrology and their effect on us.

  • 1st house –Ruled by Aries the house is also known as the house of self. It is responsible for our physical appearance and characteristics. Energies related to it are ego and initiative. It also affects our face, head, brain, and blood vessels.
  • 2nd house – Ruled by Taurus It is known as the house of value. It is responsible for our money, and our relationship with material things. It affects our teeth, throat, neck, and eyes. It determines our self-worth and possessions and acquisitions.
  • 3rd house –Ruled by Gemini is also known as the house of sharing. It determines our attitude, relationship with siblings, friends, and our communication skills. The body parts that it affects are collars, ears, blood, and hands.
  • 4th house – Ruled by Cancer, also known as the house of home and family. It is responsible for the last phase of life including our ancestors, also talks of housing and household matters like comfort and security. It affects our chest, breast, ribs, and digestive system.
  • 5th house –Responsible for heart, spinal cord, and mind is ruled by Leo. The house of pleasure determines our sex drive, romance, creativity, fertility, and the things we enjoy.
  • 6th house – The house of health is ruled by Virgo determines our daily routine, acquired skills, services performed to others, and physical health and habits. It affects our kidney, bowel, intestines, and stomach.
  • 7th house – The house of balance is ruled by Libra, determines our naval cavity, skin, and waist region. It governs our relationships of all kinds whether it’s romantic or business or friendships or enemies.
  • 8th house – The house of transformation is ruled by Scorpio is responsible for our sexual organs, urinary system, pelvic bones, and anus. It determines our sexual relationships, taxes, cycles of birth and death, and personal resources.
  • 9th house – The house of philosophy is ruled by Sagittarius is responsible for our arterial system, hips, thighs, and nerves. It also determines our belief system, view of the world, ethics and cultures, and our drive for traveling.
  • 10th house – The house of enterprise is ruled by Capricorn, it determines the career and the purpose of our lives. It is responsible for knees, joints, hams, and other bones.
  • 11th house – The house of blessings is responsible for legs, ankles, blood circulation, and left ear. Ruled by Aquarius it determines our love, wishes, fulfillment, results of hard work, and wealth.
  • 12th house – The house of sacrifice is ruled by Pisces. It is responsible for feet, toes, lymphatic system, and eyes. It also determines our creativity, art, the process of healing, and peacefulness.

Hope you understood the concept of houses and if someone asks you in the future about houses, I hope you might be able to answer them properly. 

Stay tuned to know more about elements of astrology and other stuff.

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