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Certified Astrologer and Numerologist "The Flying Bird"

Shweta is a women entrepreneur and social activist. Started the career by working popular IT giants, Shweta followed her passion and has been occult science professional since 2012. Shweta has done Masters in Computer Science and later completed her certification for Astrology and Numerology from internationally acknowledged institutes. During her leisure time, Shweta loves to cook and travel places. Shweta is also a very active social activist and life motivator.

Favorite Quote: "Every problem has a solution, we just don't search it at the correct place"
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Certified Vastu and Relationship Expert "The Engineer Babu"

A Data Scientist by profession and an aspiring fiction writer by passion, Vishal is the powerhouse for Predictions For Success. An engineering graduate from Kurukshetra University, Vishal comes with extensive experience in data science and business consulting with the top-notch business alliances like Wipro, Mahindra, Fiserv and so on. Vishal is also working on his upcoming fiction novel "Engineer By Mistake" that would be on shelves very soon. Vishal take care of Vastu Shashtra, Relationship Counselling (Numerology) and creative aspects for Predictions for Success. You can find him exploring new food joints or enjoying long drives with his friends and family.

Favorite Quote: "Many breath but not all live, live every moment of life"