The concept of Dosha in the realm of astrology is a cynosure one. Several Doshas have been accentuated in the study of astrology and similarly, remedies to them. Dosha, as we have discussed in every predictionforsuccess article, is an outcome of the movements of the planets in a Horoscope. These Doshas tend to cause both positive...

3rd February 2021Astrologyby Arjun Chouhan

In the realm of astrology, the conceptualization of Dosha holds a very prominent place. Dosha, the word implies an ominous happening in your horoscope that would affect adversely the life of the individual. Sometimes these Doshas( Also read about Mangal Dosha) are too powerful to incur dreadful incidents to trouble the person. According to the...

26th January 2021Astrologyby Arjun Chouhan

In the enormous study of Indian mythology and astrology, the concept of “Graha Chalan” is vividly observed. A thorough introspection would reveal uncountable tales in Hindu mythology, where the consequence of “Graha Chalan” has transpired remarkable results for the concerned individual. Gospels to stories, you would see names of emperors to mendicant beggars who have...

25th January 2021Astrologyby Arjun Chouhan

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