The tenth Nakshatra is Magha Nakshatra and its lord is ‘Ketu’, Magha marks the beginning of the second group of nakshatras, the meaning of Magha is mighty, magnificent, and important. The Throne symbol is used to represent Magha Nakshatra, it belongs to the Shudra caste.   Qualities, Naming letter, Lucky number, Dosha, Ruling deity, Lucky color of...

10th December 2020Astrologyby admin

Astrology and foreign settlements In the rush of life to achieve everything, foreign settlement or a trip to foreign has always been on the top of our list. We always fantasize about the exotic places in the faraway land but have been dubious about it. The reason could be anything like career, higher education, job...

28th July 2019Astrologyby admin

What is Rudraksha? It is a divine gift from Lord Shiva to human beings. It helps us to combat our sorrows. Anyone can wear these divine beads irrespective of age, caste, sex, creed, culture, and location. We cannot imagine the power of a Rudraksha, it is more than gems, tantra, yantra, mantra, and Jantra. It...

22nd March 2019Astrologyby admin

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