The world is full of Colors. They are all around us. The nature we are surrounded by, the home we live in, the desk we use for work, the cars we drive, wherever you go, whatever you see colors are everywhere. These colors are not just eye-pleasing meaningless parts of our environment. According to Astrology...

1st September 2020Othersby Shubham Agarwal

Green is the color of nature. It represents life and balance. It is a color of harmony and love. Green has many therapeutic benefits. These include- Cures heart-related problems Reduces stress Cures diseases of the throat Relieves from ailments of the thymus It is related to the heart chakra. Hence it is beneficial in all...

25th August 2020Othersby Shubham Agarwal

Orange Colour Therapy Orange is a color of power and creativity. It is a symbolic of prosperity, courage, joy and optimism. It is associated with healing powers of the sun and fire. Orange is considered a powerful color by color therapy experts. It has various health benefits- Benefits reproductive system Benefits digestive system Stimulates nervous...

19th August 2020Othersby Shubham Agarwal

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