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19th November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

The world is about to witness the last ‘Surya Grahan’ of the year that is on 14th December 2020, the most incredible thing about this surya grahan is that it will not be seen in India this time and will be observed in other parts of the world such as the USA. Surya Grahan is considered to be the most inauspicious time of the year and no prosperous work is done on this day.


What is Surya Grahan Sutak?

Inauspicious time witnessed during Surya Grahan is known as Sutak, According to various Hindu beliefs it is believed that during the duration of sutak, earth atmosphere is considered to be contaminated and has various harmful side effects, this is the reason why people don’t even eat anything during duration of sutak.


Surya Grahan and Sutak 2020 Timing

The timing on 14th December of Surya Grahan will begin from evening 7.30 and will continue till 12th noon of 15th December and is observed in 4 Prahars. Despite the fact that it will not be seen in India, people will still follow the rules made for the inauspicious time of Surya Grahan.


What are the precautions we should take during Surya Grahan Sutak?

According to the best astrologer of India Shweta Bhardwaj Surya Grahan sutak has various side effects so there are various precautionary rules that are to be followed to prevent any harm. The various rules are as follow :

  •  Consumption of any type of food be it solid or liquid is prohibited during sutak, however children, sick and old people are allowed to eat but the time is restricted till only the first prahar i.e 3 hours.
  • Pregnant women are strictly prohibited to even step out of their home during the duration of sutak as it can have harmful effects on both the mother and the child, it is even believed that the child can become handicapped and there are also chances of miscarriage.
  • Pregnant women are also prohibited to do any work that includes cutting or stitching of any cloth as it again can have severe side effects on the child.
  •  Oil Massage, drinking water, combing hair, Mal-Mutra Visarjan, and brushing teeth are also prohibited.
  • Involving in any sexual activity is also not allowed.


What are the rituals to be followed in Surya Grahan and Sutak?

Once the Grahan is over there are various rituals that are followed :

  •  It is advised to discard any cooked food that is kept prior to the start of Grahan and it’s consumption is also strictly prohibited and only freshly cooked food intake should be taken after Grahan is over.
  • The raw food items such as rice, wheat, cereal, and even water should be protected by the harmful effects of Sutak and it can be done by adding ‘Tulsi Leave’ in it, as it is not possible to discard those items. Tulsi will keep that food pure and no effect of sutak will be affected by those items.
  • After Grahan is over, it is mandatory for everyone to take a bath and if possible add Ganga Jal to the water as it will protect you.
  • It is of immense profit if you make some offerings or charity to the Brahmins and the Poor as it is considered to be highly beneficial and is done for a good cause.


Mantras For Surya Grahan Sutak

Mantra advised to chant during the duration of Sutak is advised as it will prevent you and your family from all the bad side effects

“Tamomaya Mahabhima Somasuryavimardana

Hematarapradanena Mama Shantiprado Bhava”

Chanting of mantra mentioned above can be of great benefit.


That was all about Surya Grahan Sutak, hope you found this information useful.

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