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11th July 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Alike Moon, Sun also plays a very decisive role with its presence in the Zodiacs. The presence of the sun in the houses of respective zodiacs influences different aspects of life. Here we bring you the efficacy of the Sun in the zodiacs.


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Sun in the first house of Aries
  • A person of normal prestige.
  • He is energetic, heroic, and valiant.
  • He is bestowed with impressive intelligence.
  • He is eloquent and has great support from the people behind him.
  • He gets prodigious progenies and a beautiful wife.


Sun in the first house of Taurus
  • The person is tall and handsome.
  • He is bestowed with love and affection.
  • He is courageous too.
  • He gets a beautiful partner and runs a successful business.
  • He leads a respectable family life.


Sun in the first house of Gemini
  • The person gets great support from his siblings!
  • They are faithful and get a good life partner.
  • He works with a great interest in his business.
  • He is a believer in Karma!


Sun in the first house of Cancer
  • The native is bold and courageous in his approach.
  • He is hardworking and carefree.
  • He might experience some ordeals in his path but that won’t hinder his success at all.
  • He gets a good wife and enjoys a blissful life.


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