AstrologySun In Second Zodiac House: Aries-Cancer

19th July 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Alike Moon, Sun also plays a very decisive role with its presence in the Zodiacs. The presence of the sun in the houses of respective zodiacs influences different aspects of life. Here we bring you the efficacy of the Sun in the zodiacs.


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Sun in the second house of Aries
  • He is bold and competent.
  • He is not somebody who has great financial assistance.
  • He tries hard to get success in life.
  • But his family remains unhappy with him.
  • He might confront difficulties while acquiring education.


Sun in the second house of Taurus
  • He enjoys family, wealth, and prosperity.
  • He suffers from minor health issues.
  • He tries to manage things well but is often subjected to failure.
  • He doesn’t get happiness in his life.
  • He lives long enjoys abrupt wealth gain.


Sun in the second house of Gemini
  • The native is isolated from his kith and kin.
  • But he enjoys the love of family.
  • He is impatient and whimsical in life.
  • In the future, he becomes extremely influential and powerful to lead a mass.
  • He would have a great life partner.


Sun in the second house of Cancer
  • The native becomes an enthusiastic and energetic person in life.
  • He would have a big family.
  • He might gain unprecedented wealth to be labeled as affluent.
  • His social life and status get optimum luster of recognition.


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