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Inner beauty refers to the personality of a person including his / her mind and character. Whereas outer beauty simply refers to the looks of a person. Outer beauty makes a person insecure and uncertain but inner beauty makes a person strong and makes him feel invincible. Beauty is about simplicity, elegance, and grace. Outer beauty is considered as the center of attraction, if a lady is beautiful then she is in the limelight. But if a person is beautiful from the inside then he/she shines from within and no one can dim their light.

We should not judge a person by their skin tone, skin tone cannot decide the inner beauty of a person. Inner beauty is something that doesn’t fade with the growing age but just gets more beautiful with time. Inner beauty matters more than the outer beauty of a person. A person who is beautiful from the outside doesn’t mean is beautiful from the inside. Beauty is something when you help someone in their hardships and be kind to other persons. There is a famous saying that ’beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and we see the world as we see our self. Therefore we should first take the control of our thoughts and then change our perception of the world. You are truly beautiful if you respect others irrespective of rich or poor, if you talk politely to people and you are kind to people, you deserve to be called beautiful. Thus beauty lies in the goodness and strength of character, it doesn’t have anything to do with physical appearance. A person who is not beautiful to look at can be beautiful if he has a heart of gold.

One thing about inner beauty is that it can’t be judged. An individual can always be judged or questioned on his /her looks and beauty methods. There will always be someone who has a problem with your decision or your appearance. However, inner beauty is something that will always receive praise from people. An individual will always have to keep a balance with the opinion of others and his / her approval of his life. Bringing in too much of someone else’s opinion might pose a problem in maintaining your inner beauty.



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