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Have you seen any group of men or women? Ever heard their conversation, prior to a holiday situation or other get-together? The conversation will nowhere take a turn to a discussion pertaining to their in-laws. The in-laws will be heavily critiqued due to their unequal treatment towards their son & daughter in law or vice versa. Most of the times, it is relating to the gifts given to their grandchildren and daughter/son in law. You will also hear fights relating to the preferential treatment bestowed upon their biological children. These small-small things are the main reason for fights in the house.


The first thing that you could do to maintain peace with your in-laws is an introspection of the reasons behind the uneasy equations that you have with them. It’s important to deal with the situation at the core. There is obviously a hindrance in acceptance of different ideologies that always exists between people with a considerable age gap. And in this case, the main thing you should never forget is respect. Any relationship that stands firm and

is healthy is an outcome of pure respect.


In case of clashes of ideas a sensitive situation is created, that puts you in a position of the dilemma of not being the reason for argument and restlessness, and specifically because you share a bond that matters to you and your partner. You need to lend your ears to them, listen to what they have to say. You might be poles apart on certain things, and you might not find the reason they provide is even relevant and even sometimes for the sake

of winning a conversation they might end up making excuses, but the key is you need to listen to what they have said.


This puts them in a position to let out of what they had inside. Now if in this case you just; in the middle

deny that they are completely wrong as it doesn’t make sense to you, it would make them furious. They,

being on a more elderly platform and having this feeling of “not being listened to” makes them stubborn

to even understand what you might tell them instead and might also be logically correct.


Therefore listen with all the patience you have. Acknowledge it and now, you may proceed with what you

think or what is your say in a particular agenda. Try to empathize with them, ask them how was their day, or involve them in your daily chores or just ask for affirmation about things. Most of the conflicting situations generally happen because they feel left out, or less important, or they might think no one asks for them.


Remember it’s a family.


In short, reach out to them on a good and healthy note, clarify the misunderstandings that hold a

beautiful equation. Sit together, you and your partner with his/her parents and talk. Communication is

the key to any relationship. Forget and let go of any hard feeling that you are holding onto. Peace is only

when you accept who they actually are and they acknowledge you and accept you in the same way.

Never forget the love in any relationship whether be it with your in-laws or anyone; is acceptance.

With acceptance, peace follows.


Even accepting their flaws and their habits, because you also cannot deny the fact that you can’t change

what you don’t like about them and vice versa. So, it’s better you accept and handle them with all the

care and love you have, after all, they matter to you and matter most to the person who matters to you the

most i.e. your partner.


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