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11th March 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The auspiciousness of Mahashivratri in the realm of Hindu devotion does not an elongated elaboration to talk about. Shiva, the destroyer has an irreplaceable place inside the hearts of devotees and his Mahashivratri is one of the celebrated occasions all over India. Mahashivratri is a festivity of darkness where Shiva empowers the world to eliminate the precarious evil inside every soul.

On this auspicious day of Mahashivratri we are going to discuss the elements related to Lord Shiva and what they signify.


lord Shiva

Shiva has various names to his credit but the most common of them all is soma or somasunadra, meaning the moon🌕

The crescent moon🌙 on Shiva’s head helps him to retain composure which in turns makes him a great yogi🧘

In today’s world, it is important to practice their art of remaining calm😌 in the face of adversity. The ability to stay alert🧍 and display the presence of mind is the key to success🥳



lord Shiva

Snake🐍 is associated with our vishuddhi chakra which is located in the pit of our throat.
The term vishuddi means ‘filter’, signifying the ability to keep all the negative thoughts away🚫
Just like the snake, we should have control over our minds and not speak🤫 words that may harm other person’s feelings or cause any emotional damage😭
We should always be humble🥰 to all and spread love and humanity in this cruel world❤



lord Shiva

The Trident🔱 in Shiva’s hand is a symbol of karma.
The universe is like a reflecting machine↕️. Energies given out in the universe🌌 will come back.
Whenever we think of doing something bad or causing some problems😵 in someone else’s life we should remember that one day the same may happen to us😢
So we should always be kind and humble💕 and think about our actions.
The world needs love❣️ and humanity👥 and all of us should spread kindness💯


Third Eye

lord Shiva

The third eye👁️ is the eye of the mind and not like the other two eyes👀 which are just sensory organs.
It gives us an enhanced vision of seeing things the way they are not how it seems to be like🎈
It has a connection with the inner vision to see things with perfect clarity⚪ and in their true💯 self without being biased.
Overthinking🤯 a simple matter is just going to complicate things. Rather we should always trust ourselves💕 and do things according to our basic instincts✔️



lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known as the lord of comic dance🕺 and carries a drum or damru🥁
He plays it whenever he wishes to dance or concentrate better✔️
Our thoughts are similar to the damaru, they can disturb us anytime they want🤷
We can not let our minds🤔 always be distracted due to small problems and need to learn how to properly handle them👌
Yoga or meditation🧘 to the sound of “Om” helps us improve our concentration🕉️



lord Shiva

Nandi waits forever for his lord Shiva to come and sit on him🐮
This is the purest form of oneself and the way to immense patience and calmness😌
Just like meditation🧘‍♀‍ we simply sit and wait and listen to god not talking or expecting anything from him.
People having this quality of receptiveness are very blissful and full of life💛
Gaining this quality is very tough but once we achieve this our life becomes different and we enjoy🥳, as there are no expectations so there are no disappointments too💁



lord Shiva


Tiger🐯 is also a symbol of energy which signifies that Lord Shiva is the source of flowing energy throughout the entire universe🌠
It also depicts that Shiva is fearless and powerful💪 in his skin, teaching us how to love ourselves❣️
In this world where everyone judges each other it’s important to be confident about ourselves💁‍♀️ and not care what other people think🤞
If we learn to love💕 ourselves then only we will be complete🥰

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