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6th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Astrology has been a study of solutions to unprecedented human problems. In the 21st Century, as a fruitful remedy to the malefic movements of the planets, the realm of study has gained immense popularity. Specifically, for the effective solutions to Doshas and inauspicious yogas, the recommendation of astrology has been so prevalent.

Shani Dosha is one of the dreadful Dosha explained in astrology creates a lot of petrifying expressions among the people. Well, to bust the myths and to bring a clear vision of Shani Dosha, brings you this worth reading post.

The planet Saturn is known as the commander of justice. The Shani penalizes you when you have done some mischief in life. Shani Dosh can be various at different times. The most assumed Shani Doshas are Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dheya, and Shani Mahadasha. Undoubtedly, the Shani Mahadasha, Shani Sade Sati, and Dheya can be dangerous when the planet Shani is malefic in the birth chart. Hence, it is very crucial to know the stability of the Shani before getting to a decision. If the planet Shani is heightened, and Yoga Karak, then Shani will not be toxic. (Also read about Gandamool Dosha)

If Shani is Marak and moves over the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house in the transit, then it will ravage severely. Furthermore, the terrible Mahadasha of Shani can have destructive consequences on you when it is weak and plagued by Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.


The result of Shani Dasha

Your works would be delayed

Financial Crisis would erupt

The health gets worsened

The psyche of an individual gets affected

It evolves with a tendency to keep illegal affairs with the opposite sex.

The body tone gets paled.

The native suffers from depression.


Remedies For Shani Dosha

Worship Shani with its Mantra: There are several mantras of Shani. But what you should choose to chant should be advised by an expert.

Shani Mantra

Nilanjan Samabhasam Raviputram Yamagrajam, Chhaya Martanda Sambhutam Tum Namami Shanaischaram.

Shani Chalisa

Read Shani Chalisa every day to get respite from the resentment of the planet Shani.

Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa is also one of the influential Mantras that can protect you from the fury of the Shani.

Worship Goddess Katyayani

Worshiping Goddess Katyayani has a great effect in counteracting the malefic effect of Saturn. The planet Shani is governed by Goddess Katyayani- the 6th incarnation of Navdurga. Hence, worshipping Goddess Katyayani would give relief from Shani’s bitterness.

Wear Blue Sapphire: Wearing Blue Sapphire for the Shani Dosh can have a great consequence. However, it is extremely significant to discuss an expert before wearing a Blue Sapphire.

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