AstrologySeasons Defining Zodiacs(Libra-Pisces)

15th May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Every Zodiac is also an embodiment of a particular season. They impose propensities of seasons in them. Here the most recommended Astrologer of the world Shweta Bhardwaj bringing you the zodiacs and their resemblance to seasons.

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Libra people resemble summer a lot. They are angry, aggressive, and volatile. If you observe the mem minutely, they speak the language of Aries! If things go wrong, they can be ferocious too. They don’t want anybody to accompany them and they wish to tackle things on their own. They are very specific with their approach. They are fierce and phenomenal.



Scorpio people resemble the rains more. They are intense and camouflaged! You cannot find their true color, easily. They can be intense, intelligent, and cunning too. They are relentless, cold, and confident often. You don’t see them repenting for anything in life. They are just on a mission to accomplish everything.



Sagittarius people resemble winter! They are cold, compassionate, and intellectual at the same time. They can be helpful and trustworthy to you. In their proximity, you won’t feel the pressure of hardship at all. They can be your emotional support, good friend, and good lover as well. If you observe them, they are extremely calm and composed.



Capricorn people are Summer! They are intense with their approach. They know the difference between right and wrong. If you become friends with them, they would tell you the story of success and also would find a way for you. Their biggest asset is their intensity. Once they get indulged in something, they don’t feel like giving up, easily. They don’t go beyond the limit ever.



Aquarius is known as Spring! They are soothing and sensible. They can be so encouraging to the atmosphere and they are known as magical. Aquarius people can be the best company to have if you win their trust! They are truly lovable and easy-going.



Pisces people are winter and they are known as a pacifier! As winter chills everything, they can be so mesmerizing to be with. They can pacify your all the grief, and distress after listening to you, thoroughly. They believe that the world deserves peace and they are the way for it.

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