AstrologySeasons Defining Zodiacs(Aries-Virgo)

14th May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Every season is unique for its attributes and happenings. People would like to be in a particular season or they might not but the fact remains unchanged, seasons are inevitable and we have to live them, consequently. Every season has its charm. Whether summer, monsoon, or winter, they all have their significance to run the world, systematically.

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Every Zodiac is also an embodiment of a particular season. They impose propensities of seasons in them. Here the most recommended Astrologer of the world Shweta Bhardwaj bringing you the zodiacs and their resemblance to seasons.



Aries people are known for their aggression like summer! They are intolerant and intense with their approach. Like summer they are bright and amazing. They don’t feel like having mercy in them. They can be volatile too.



Taurus is known versatile as rain. It has different shades like cloud, rain, thunderstorm, and wind blow. They can be aggressive, calm, chilled, and intense too. Taurus people are travel freaks and love to explore different things in their lives. They love to know more about nature and more about its intricacies.



Gemini is as cool and calm as winter. They are emotional and consoling. Gemini can ameliorate your pain in such a beautiful way. They can be your emotional partner to share all the grief and anguish. Gemini people have different artistic values. They cannot cheat you in situations. They will be the mental support always for you.



Cancer people know as Winter. They can be chilling as well as deadly. They can be the biggest nemesis of your life f they wish to. Like the winter they can give you spine-chilling pain. They don’t care about how things would go in their presence but they can be courteous if you become friends with them.



Leo people resemble the sun and summer. They can be volatile and enthusiastic at the same time. If you observe them, they love to explore new things and always will experiment with them. They are unique and sober.



Virgo people are known as autumn. They give warmth as well as beauty. Virgos are not volatile but enthusiastic in a good way. They can be your friend, guide, and companion. The people have all the qualities to be a good friend like Autumn.

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