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4th August 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the realm of Hindu mythology, the month Sawan has its incredible significance. Specially dedicated to Lord Shiva, the month has extraordinary importance to its devotees. Shiva- the destroyer, who is often considered as beloved to his devotees among all has a distinguished relationship with Sawan. The connotation of Sawan in Hindu mythology does not need an exaggerated elaboration. Sawan has distinct auspicious occasions in the month to celebrate and precisely, Lord Shiva becomes the cynosure in this month.

Since the month Sawan is solely is dedicated to Shiva, it has several rituals to seek blessing from the deity. Here predictionforsuccess.com brings you the names of the offerings that can fetch you the immense blessing of Lord Shiva.

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The mention of Durba in Hindu mythology is vivid. If observe every auspicious occasion, the prescription of Durba is a mandatory one. If you offer Durba in Sawan to Lord Shiva, this will result in strengthened health and longevity. Durba is considered an immortal on this earth. It is a blessing of the Lord shiva.



Rice is one of the mandatory crops people harvest in India and is considered a symbol of Goddess Laxmi. But do you know what, if you offer Rice on the head of Lord Shiva in Sawan, this will result in growth in wealth and vigor?



In the realm of Hindu worship, Sandal is considered an indispensable offering. The calming property is also offered to Lord Shiva to mitigate his suffering from the imbibed venom. If you offer Sandal to Shiva, especially in Sawan, this will result in growth in social presence and the aura of the devotee.


Wheat is often discerned as the symbol of Laxmi and prosperity. If you offer wheat in Sawan to Lord Shiva, this will give you the happiness of getting parents. Wheat is an insignia of productivity and this works great as an offering to Lord Shiva.

White Oleander- White Oleander is considered a sign of positivity and prosperity. If you offer Shiva White Oleander, this will result in growth in wealth and prosperity in the house.

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