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In the realm of Hindu mythology, the month Sawan has its incredible significance. Specially dedicated to Lord Shiva, the month has extraordinary importance to its devotees. Shiva- the destroyer, who is often considered as beloved to his devotees among all has a distinguished relationship with Sawan. The connotation of Sawan in Hindu mythology does not need an exaggerated elaboration. Sawan has distinct auspicious occasions in the month to celebrate and precisely, Lord Shiva becomes the cynosure in this month.

Since the month Sawan is solely is dedicated to Shiva, it has several rituals to seek blessing from the deity. Here predictionforsuccess.com brings you the names of the offerings that can fetch you the immense blessing of Lord Shiva.



The explanation of Honey in the realm of Pooja is so vivid. Considered as an incarnation of Nectar, Honey has the privilege to be added to any kind of worship. But here we would like to suggest if you offer honey on the Shivling, this will result in an abundance of happiness to you and your family. Honey is a calming property and Shiva loves to have it on his head as he is believed to be suffering from the venom “kalakuta” in his throat.


Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice is one of the loved palatable drinks in summer. Whether rural India or urban India, all love to have sugarcane Juice. But if you offer Shiva sugarcane juice, it will result in success in your career, happiness in life, and love in love life. You have to offer the juice on the head of the Shiva.



As we know, Ghee is an indispensable ingredient in Pooja. It also gets used to prepare Prasad. But do you know if you offer Ghee on the Shivling, this will fill positive energy and aura in your body and mind? Ghee works as a fuel and the energy out of it is auspicious.


In this month of Sawan, if devotees offer saffron on a Shivling, this will elevate the equation between married couples. The mention of Saffron as an aphrodisiac is vivid in Hindu medicine. But the fragrance of the spice is also a favorite of Lord Shiva. This will also bring good fortune to the home.

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