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What is Relationship Counselling?

Nowadays relationship counseling is understood as a thing which you seek only in case of a bad relationship. Instead of this, it should be understood as reasonable support. It is one such important tool with the help of which we can prevent our relationship from falling.

Relationship Challenges

Intimate relationships nature can change over time. Sometimes couples can feel more like housemates than partners or have difficulty finding compromises on how to take care of their child or share their day-to-day life responsibilities.

Despite what kind of challenges they are facing, coming together in a safe, secure, and confidential space in order to talk about their challenges can be the first step so as to find a new way to begin together.

We at “Predictions For Success” deals with so many such relationship cases where our qualified relationship and matchmaking expert Vishal Bhardwaj who also well known Vastu expert of India and also holds a gold medal in the same field, work with couples to help them begin difficult conversations in a safe and respectful place, manage significant life challenges, nurture and improve relationships.

What is the Role of a Relationship Counsellor?

Relationship counselors act as a safe forum wherein couples can discuss their issues that, when handled by them alone, can very easily spin into ill-temper and argumentation. We are not in a habit of listening rather we only argue with each other. But, in a consulting room, a good counselor will allow each person to have their say, without taking either of their sides.

Counseling becomes a safe diplomatic back channel, which can help the couples to realize what their previously caricatured opponent is going through. One of the key tasks of the therapist is to show us a more sane, respectful, reasonable, and realistic outlook than our own.

In which areas predictions for success relationship experts can provide help?

Our counseling experts can help in improving the overall well being of partners, by relieving their stress and enhance relationships.

Common issues where people seek our advice are:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Separation and divorce
  • Parenting through separation
  • Grief and loss
  • Managing stress
  • Life changes
  • Mental health issues, including anxiety or depression
  • Adjusting to parenting
  • Managing emotions, such as anger
  • Family violence
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Work-related problems.

Other than relationship counseling, we are also here to help you with other life challenges such as Vaastu shastra dosha, marriage problems, career-related problems, how to maintain work-life balance, astrology, numerology, name suggestion or corrections, health-related issues, and many more.

Simply contact us for more details.

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