VastuRemedies to Negativity- A Vastu introspection

23rd May 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Especially in this catastrophe of Corona, things have started falling for everyone. The pandemic is on a mission to take precious lives and we all are suffering because of this. In this the toughest time of human life, we need some mental sanity and peace. Things are going wrong but we are expected to maintain the atmosphere with positivity and love.

Vastu has been the most successful remedy for all the negativity persistent in a house. The realm of astrology has always been adjacent to Vastu and has taken assistance to deal with all the human despair and problems. The Vastu and its simplest remedies have always come to the rescue to protect humans from any sort of negativity around. Here brings you a few simple remedies to overcome the persistent negativity in the house…


Entrance of the Home


The home’s entrance is the point from where power flows into the rest of the region. Festoon the entrance so that it has a useful vibe. If it’s too narrow, position a mirror on the wall along with the door so that it reflects the wall and makes the passage look bigger. Beautiful appliances and bouquets can be used to create an optimistic ambiance in the entrance.




While glasses consume negative energy from space, they can reflect away the positive energy too. Seek the guidance of an experienced Vastu expert to assure that you position the mirror correctly. Avoid having one facing the main entrance to the home or in an area in the bedroom where it reflects the bed.




Yes, Lemon can be a rescue! During this Corona, when negativity is all around, you can get rid of it by placing a lemon inside a glass. You have to keep it in the drawing-room table and it will spread positivity with its freshness and aroma.




The horseshoe is very fortunate according to Vastu shastra for house and it entices decent success and wealth. If you hang it with the ends indicating upwards, it will entertain and contain all the good energies passing by. The main door is an excellent spot for this.


Sea Salt Pieces

Sea salt is very beneficial according to Vastu shastra for the home. Putting small quantities of uncrushed sea salt is an immediate treatment for Vastu dosh. It absorbs all the adverse energy from home. Alternatively, you could also mix a pinch of sea salt in the water that you use to clean the floor.


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