VastuRemedies of Vaastu Shastra Defects

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Vaastu defects can be removed by making physical changes accordingly. If there is any Vaastu defect in your house then it can lead to loss of positive energy. Vaastu doshas can be corrected by making respective changes in the house. Every dosha has some remedy and if taken proper care, happiness and peace in life comes back again.


Below mentioned tools are used to improve the energies and to stop the negative energies from entering.

Please note: These should be used under the guidance of Vaastu expert, their wrong usage may lead to more harmful effects.


These are useful in counter balancing the negative vibrations due to various defects.

Camphor Crystal (Pure):

These are used to remove the negative vibrations.

Copper Plates & Wires:

Copper is one such metal which is supposed to be the best metal in Vaastu and Astrology. These are used in making astrological yantras.

Sea Salt & Salt Lamp:

It has the ability to absorb all the negative vibrations. It should be kept until it turns yellow and sluggish. It should be disposed off only in water.

Wind Chimes:

These are an excellent source of enhancing good luck and suppressing bad luck in the house. One should not hang wind chime anywhere in the house. Its placement is also essential. Generally, metal wind chimes are supposed to be hung in northwest and western areas.


It means Pyra in mid which means (fire in the middle). Pyramid yantra can be used for number of purposes. Place this yantra inside the earth to rectify the Vaastu defects of the plot in terms of extension, cuts or slope.

Crystal Balls:

Crystal counter balance the negative energies and transform them into positive energy. It can be used for many purposes like good relationship & romances, education & knowledge and south west entry.

Please note: Before using the crystal make sure you dip it into the sea water for atleast 4 hours and then clean it with fresh water. After cleaning, hang it outside for 2 hours in sunlight so as to make it fully charged.

Holistic Lamp:

It consists of 5 elements of Vaastu –

  • Semi-precious stone represent Earth
  • Charged water represent water
  • Flowers and leaves represent wood
  • Chinese coins represent metal
  • Candle represent fire

Light holistic lamp in the centre of your house in order to eradicate the negative energies.

Vishal Bhardwaj is a certified Vaastu Shastra consultant who has handled more than 8000 clients all over the world and is known for providing accurate and effective remedies (inexpensive). If you wish to consult our expert, just fill up our enquiry form with all the details and then we will get back to you shortly.

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