RelationshipRelationship Counselling: Does it benefit or not?

13th January 2019by admin0

I often wonder how a couple would benefit from marriage counseling? Does anyone have a good experience? I think this is one such question that keeps on revolving in everyone’s mind. The truth behind this is that there are several factors that can impact the potential success or failure of marriage counseling. Understanding these factors is essential to determine whether or not we should take the help of these marriage counselors. According to a recent study in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, it is found that marriage counseling actually helps 7 out of 10 couples in finding great satisfaction in their marriage.

Studies have shown that couples have actually benefitted from relationship counseling. Our relationship counseling experts Vishal and Shweta Bhardwaj are one of India’s most popular relationship consultant of India who agrees on the fact that couple counseling is beneficial in fixing the marriage. But, early detection is also a big plus. Our renowned marriage counselor says that the average couple that enters into marriage counseling at an early stage has experienced good results. It makes sense that the longer a couple waits to seek assistance, the more deeply entrenched the communication problems thus posing marital difficulties.

Here are certain conditions under which relationship counseling can help a couple repair their marriage:

  • A motivated couple can start to explore their problems from a new perspective.
    They get to know about the new ways by the counselor in order to recognize and resolve their conflicts
  • Partners can enhance their communication that may have degraded the quality of their interactions.
  • It is very common for couples to reach a point in their relationship where they lose the ability to trust each other. 
  • It can be useful in providing “neutral territory” to couples that can actually work through their tough issues or to put aside their “baggage” that prevents the couple from moving on.
  • With the help of our experts’ counseling, couples can decide whether they wish to rebuild their marriage and make a renewed commitment or clarify the reasons between each other as in why they need to separate or end the sacred marriage

Our renowned relationship counselors are critically acclaimed by 100s of clients over the internet and media houses like “The Economics Times”, “The Digest”, “Catch News”, “The Quint” and many more. For effective marriage counseling, both partners should take responsibility for their part in the problems, to accept each other’s faults, and to be motivated to repair the relationship. It’s important for couples to have realistic expectations as it takes more than a few sessions to analyze their situations and to make sure of the progress of the complete course.

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