FestivalsRatha Saptami 2021 : What should You Know About This Festival?

28th November 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Ratha Saptami is an auspicious day of Hindu festival especially for farmers as it marks the beginning of the harvesting season. It is to be soon observed in the year 2021 on 19th February, it majorly marks the birth of Lord Surya who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, this day falls on the seventh day of Hindu month Maagha and its major significance is that it is believed on this day Lord Surya lightened the whole universe with his brightness and warmth.


Ratha Saptami 2021 : Date and Time

Ratha Saptami will be observed on 19th February 2021, the tithi will however begin on 18th February at 8.15 pm and will end on 19th December at 11.00 pm.


Ratha Saptami Vrat Katha and Significance

The legend behind this auspicious day is Lord Surya and he is worshipped by devotees on this day for better health and well being, this day also marks the arrival of summers as it shows climatic change and besides that, it is very important for farmers as it marks the beginning of harvest season. It is considered highly auspicious to make donations on this day as it helps in getting rid of all sins of past and present and devotees are blessed with immense prosperity, longevity, health and it also takes them closer to the path of Moksha (salvation). Grand celebrations are done on this day in many temples such as Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple, Mallikarjun Temple, etc.


Rituals for Ratha Saptami :

Several rituals performed by devotees on this day are as follows:

– Devotees wake up early in the morning and observe the holy bath, it is also said that if the holy bath is taken at a specific time i.e Arunodaya then they are blessed with good health.

  • The next ritual is ‘Arghyadan’ which is offering water to God Sun through a Kalash and one must stand in Namaskar mudra while doing so. It is believed that to get the maximum benefits this ritual must be performed 12 times in a row while reciting Lord Surya’s name.
  • After that Rathi Saptami puja is performed in which an earthen lamp is filled with ghee and is lighten up and dhoop, Kapoor, and red flowers are offered to Lord Surya.
  • Devotees especially women draw a Ratha (chariot) and Lord Surya images as well to welcome his divine blessings, even rangolis are made at the house entrance for prosperity and positivity.
  • The next most important ritual is to pour milk into a vessel made of mud and kept for boiling in a direction that faces the sun. Once boiled, the same milk is used for preparing Bhog (sweet rice) for offering Lord Surya.
  • Chanting of Suryashtakam, Surya Sahasranaam, and Gayatri Mantra on this day continuously is considered to be very highly auspicious.

This was all about Ratha Saptami, hope you find this information useful.

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