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In the realm of Hinduism, the prominent significance of Lord Ram and his seraphic activities in the Tretaya doesn’t need a personal endeavor to elaborate. Lord Ram is the soul of every Hindu and his devotion is so sacrosanct to observe. There are several tales regarding Lord Ram that inspire mankind and asks to be a human of moral values. Starting from his moral values to his dedication to serving the exile, everything inspires human existence.

Ramnavami is another saga of dedication that depicts Rama’s diligence and dedication. It has two different implications. One is the birthday of Rama and the other one is on this day Rama worshipped Goddess Durga to defeat the valiant Ravana.


Ramnavami 20201: Date & Timing

This year the auspicious celebration will be celebrated on 21st April, Wednesday.


Significance of Ramnavmi

The celebration holds a special place inside the hearts of the Hindus. Since the day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama, people dedicate the day to the deity. A huge carnival is celebrated every year in Ayodhya for Rama. It is believed that the day Rama also worshipped Durga Maa to get a win over his enemy Ravana.


Rituals associated with Ramnavmi

1. Take a bath in the early morning and sit on a Puja place with all the Pujan Samagri (items needed for Puja)

2. Tulsi leaves(Holy basil) or a lotus flower(Padma) plays a significant role in his worship

3. The worship of Lord Ram commences with the sixteen points known as Shodashopachar Puja.

4. Cook Kheer & keep fruits as a Prashad

5. After Puja, the youngest lady in the house puts Tilak (vermillion on everyone’s forehead).


Remedies For Ramnavami

1. Arrange a Hawan at home and get rid of all the negativities.
2. Clean your home with Gangajal and prepare a rangoli, especially of the lotus flower to entice good luck.
3. Distribute Kheer to poor people at any Rama temple.
4. Decorate your thresholds in the home with mango leaves and marigold flowers.
5. Prepare praised in shudh desi ghee since its aroma is considered auspicious.
6. Put sindoor on the head of each other. This brings mental equanimity.

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