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9th June 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

Rambha Teej is one of the pious and sacrosanct celebrations in Hindu mythology. Before we understand the significance of the Vrat and its rituals, we need to know how the name of the celebration came into existence. Rambha is an Apsara( an angelic dancer) who is believed to entertain the Devatas in heaven. Initially, Rambha was not there in heaven. She has been found from the famous mythological happening “Samudra Manthan”. When Devtas and Demons mutually decided to whip the “Kshira Sagara”- The celestial ocean of milk, fourteen gems came out of the whipping, including the gorgeous and exquisite Rambha.

Rambha, who came out as an apsara is an emblem of beauty, sensuality, possibility, and love. Mostly in India, married women follow the Vrat for intellect and healthy progenies! The Vrat has a huge significance in the realm of auspicious occasions!

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Date of Rambha Teej in 2021

In 2021, the Vrat will be observed on the 13th of June.


Rituals related to Rambha Teej 

Married women wake in the early morning to take a holy bath with a pinch of turmeric in the water! Later on, they adorn themselves with new saree, bangles, and sindoor. The Puja primarily prioritizes the well-being of the family. Considering that, married women arrange the celebration under a banana tree. The banana tree is deemed as auspicious in the realm of mythology. It is an insignia of prosperity and profit. They arrange the pooja and worship new bangles to seek the blessings of data Laxmi, Lord Shiva, and Devi Parvati. The croon mantras and fill the ambiance with positivity. After the pooja, the women in the house seek blessings from the elderly people and distribute the Prasad among them.

• The women should not have any solid food before the pooja
• Everything new they should organize for the pooja
• If anyone has a certain health condition, they can have fruits.


Significance of Rambha Teej

The Celebration is all about bringing happiness to the family. Newly married women follow the pooja to strengthen their bonding with their spouses. They also wish to become the mother of a prodigious child in the future.


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