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We have talked about Ekadashi and how it is relevant to our lives.

You should check that article on our page before going forward, it will help you understand the brief of it.

Since it, the Kartik month, let’s discuss Rama Ekadashi or Rambha Ekadashi.

Rama Ekadashi is the last Ekadashi that falls in a year, thus celebrated in the Kartik month. It falls four days before Diwali. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu on this day to get past their sins and achieve good luck.


Rama Ekadashi 2020 Date and Time

Date- 11th November 2020

Ekadashi Tithi begins – 3:22 AM ( November 11 )

Ekadashi Tithi ends – 12:40 AM ( November 12 )


Legends Associated With Rama Ekadashi

The most heard legend of this day is of a king named Muchkund. He was a devoted man and used to practice vrat on Ekadashi. His daughter Chanrabhagha was married to Shobhan. On the day of Ekadashi, she visited her father with her husband so the father told them they should also observe the fast. So they did what he said, but Shobhan felt weak and died because of hunger. His wife and her father were devasted for a while. But one day the king visited Mandrachala mountain and saw Shobhan had received a beautiful residence in Devnagri and apsaras were serving him. But that kingdom and prosperity were half effective since Shobhan had done the Ekadashi with half devotion and only his wife who has been performing Ekadshi since childhood, can make that prosperity effective forever by her devotion and good deeds. The king immediately informed his daughter, happy to hear the news she also went there and worshipped Lord Vishnu and asked his blessings. Impressed with her devotion and prayers Lord Vishnu blessed her with happiness and prosperity and she along with her husband Shobhan, lived happily ever after in that kingdom.


Significance Of Rama Ekadashi

Since then it is believed to be an auspicious day among Hindus. People worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna (Vishnu’s incarnation) and ask the Lord to bless them with more wealth, happiness, peace of mind, and destroy all their sins. According to scriptures, it is also believed that observing a fast on this day not only leads to salvation after death but also good luck. The fast is also considered auspicious for fortunate women.


Several rituals are performed on this day that includes

  • The fast begins in Dashami tithi and food is consumed during sunlight in the eighth part of the day. Do not consume food at night while worshiping the Lord.
  • Wake up early, take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
  • Then worship Lord Vishnu by telling or hearing the story of Rambha Ekadashi. Perform the aarti afterward and offer some flowers and Prashad to the lord as well as other people.
  • In the evening take a bath again before doing the aarti at night.
  • After the moonlight at night, donate a lamp, i.e. perform aarti while lighting a lamp. Certain things are also donated to a Brahmin as a good gesture.
  • During the Parana time open your fast and worship some food.
  • Some devotees take a bath from mud and donate wheat, barley, moong, urad, gram, rice, lentils, and onions.
  • Try not to take any of the above-mentioned items on this day. Engaging in any violent act or ungrateful speech should be avoided as it is considered a bad omen.

Worshiping the Lord with a pure heart will always benefit us.

This was all about Rambha Ekadashi. Hope you found this information useful.

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