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Hindu mythology substantiates a gamut of auspicious celebrations and Raksha Bandhan is one of them, primarily dedicated to the sacrosanct bond of a brother and sister. The celebration upholds a pious promise that a brother becomes an armor to his sister, no matter what even the hell passes by! Even though rural India celebrates several rituals concerning sibling love, but Raksha Bandhan is pervasive to a significant majority.

The significance and rituals of Raksha Bandhan don’t need an exaggerated elaboration. Tying the decorative thread in the hand to worshipping Balaram; elder brother of Srikrishna, the celebration embraces numerous impotence. But in our article, we will prescribe you certain Vastu remedies that would bring you sheer good luck if followed dedicatedly on Raksha Bandhan. Here is a small token of information on Raksha Bandhan from Predictions For Success.


Here are some Vastu Tips for Raksha Bandhan personally suggested by the most famous Vaastu expert of India Shweta Bhardwaj.

1. Predominantly, it is reckoned that the reasonable time to observe Raksha Bandhan is during the late afternoon. However, the afternoon is not acceptable, then the Pradosh Kaal should be obeyed to tie the rakhi and conduct the rituals.

2. It is precisely restricted to complete Raksha Bandhan rituals during Bhadra Kaal. Bhadra is a negative time that is deemed to be avoided for any kind of auspicious pooja as cited in the Hindu sacred scripts. Bhadra Kaal occurs during the first half of Purnima, hence no auspicious endeavor should be attempted during this time.

3. Refrain from tying black-colored Rakhi in the hand of your brother. You can get colors like red, orange and pink.

4. According to Vastu, the direction pooja and rakhi thread ceremony should be observed in the east or northeast direction. This brings good luck to life.

5. Keep your doors and windows open while performing the Pooja. This will attract positive energy to the house.

6. Tie a mango leaves thread as a festoon on your door at the Rakhi celebration. This will entice good luck and prosperity.

7. Prepare some sweet dishes at home on Raksha Bandhan! This will bring you longevity and good health.


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