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Ekadashi, as an auspicious observation in the realm of Hindu religious celebration, doesn’t need an exaggerated elaboration. As we know, the celebration of Ekadashi is solely dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the occasion is widespread among the Vaishnavas. In India, irrespective of gender, people celebrate the occasion and keep fast on the day. A year bears 24 Ekadashi and every Ekadashi is unique and precious for its beneficiary significance. Devotees observe fasting for different reasons but the deity on the occasion is Lord Vishnu; irreplaceable and omnipresent.

Putrada Ekadashi is one of the distinguished Ekadashi observations that is celebrated to gain progeny and get rid of infertility. Putrada Ekadashi falls twice a year, popularly known as Pusha Putrada Ekadashi and Sawan Putrada Ekadashi. Even though both the Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, there are differences in the ritual. Predictionforsuccess.com brings you the Sawan Putrada Ekadashi and its rituals. Hope you find our effort genuine.

Date- This year, the Sawan Putrada Ekadashi will be celebrated on the 18th of August, Wednesday.


Significance Of Putrada Ekadashi 

In Hindu Sashtras, it has been written very conspicuously that one who remains “Aputrika”(sonless) has to embrace the pain of Kumbhipaka Hell. For this reason, people understand the significance of having a son. Even though in the 21st century, the difference between son and daughter has been decreased to a considerable extent, yet people love to have a son for a religious purpose. Since the Sawan Putrada Ekadashi is a remedy to those who have no son, they observe it with dedication and grace.

Rituals Associated With Putrada Ekadashi

• Devotees have to wake up in the way morning of the Ekadashi.
• A holy bath is prescribed for them with turmeric water.
• After that, they have to wear clean clothes, especially, white.
• Then they have to offer water to Sun God.
• Post offering water to the Sun God, they have to prepare prasad for Lord Vishnu.
• They have to keep a fast without gulping water.
• Well, in the case of an emergency, people can have fruits.
• Then they have to adorn Lord Vishnu with yellow flowers and offer prasad.
• After that, they have to seek blessings from the elders of the home.


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