AstrologyPushya Nakshatra: Whats Special About This Nakshtra?

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The eight Nakshatra is Pushya Nakshatra and its lord is ‘Saturn’, Pushya means auspiciousness, prosperity and most importantly it means nourishment. The flower symbol is used to represent Pushya Nakshatra, it belongs to the Kshatriya caste.


Qualities, Naming letter, Lucky number, Dosha, Ruling deity, Lucky color of Pushya Nakshatra born people

– People who come under this nakshatra are merciful, compassionate, and generous.

Naming letter of this Nakshatra is Hoo, He, Ho, Dah.

Lucky number is 8 and the lucky color is red.

Dosha associated with this nakshatra is Pitta.

Ruling deity of Pushya Nakshatra is Hanuman.

Bird representing this Nakshatra is Sea Crow.


Pushya Nakshatra characteristics for male

Male born in Pushya Nakshatra are emotionally weak and selfish too, has a lot of egos, and expects everyone to respect them even though they don’t respect others.

As far as profession is concerned for Pushya Nakshatra born male, they jump into any work that leads them towards failure, so they need to choose wisely as to what they have to do and then work for it, if a decision is made wisely then no one can stop them from achieving success.

They are more attached to their friends and don’t bond much with family, however, they will be very attached to their spouse and children.

They may face certain health issues mainly till the age of 15, after that, they may enjoy a healthy life.


Pushya Nakshatra characteristics for female

A female born in Pushya Nakshatra is very charming, religious, and follows every ritual, however, she gets a lot of ill-treatment from others.

As far as the profession is concerned for Pushya Nakshatra born females, they enjoy a great amount of success and are likely to earn a lot especially through the land, buildings, and estate.

They might face a lot of misunderstandings with their husband and in-laws as she is not able to express herself clearly and honestly.

They may face certain health issues mainly till the age of 20 such as skin diseases, jaundice, tuberculosis, and gastric ulcers.


The Four Padas of Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra 1st Pada 

It is governed by Sun and comes under Leo Navamsa, they have strong support from the planets and also they are very determined towards their goals.

Pushya Nakshatra 2nd Pada

It is governed by Mercury and come under Virgo Navamsa, and these people are very hardworking and the main focus is on achievement.

Pushya Nakshatra 3rd Pada 

It is governed by Venus and comes under Libra Navamsa, their main focus is luxury and comfort.

Pushya Nakshatra 4th Pada 

It is governed by Mars and come under Scorpio Navamsa, and it represents occult aspects where attempts are made to connect with native through celestial powers.


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