AstrologyPrime Elements and their resemblance to the zodiac signs

15th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The haughty existence of humans on this gigantic planet and its dominance over creatures and nature is nothing, just a beautiful amalgamation of nothingness. We exist in this wonderful world with a lot of vigor and courage but we do not realize it is just a facade made of prime elements, which popularly known as ”Pancha Mahabhuta”. The Pancha Mahabhuta is a combination of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space. The entire earth and its living and non-living beings are just the byproducts of Pancha Mahabhuta. Well, human itself is not an exception. But in characteristics, we all have an enhanced quality of a particular element. brings you the essence of the elements and zodiacs who resemble that, vividly.




Aries people are volatile. They never surrender without a fight. Their incredible sense of resilience makes them the fire. They are Destructive as Fire.



Taurus people are extremely stubborn and adamant. They tend to be rooted in their perspective and insight. This is the reason they better resemble the deepness of earth.



The creative Gemini is always impeccable with its approach. Gemini people are not confused. They always have proper insight about things around them. This quality is endowed on them from Air.



Cancer people are very goal-oriented. Once they decide to achieve something, they cannot get rid of that ride. This is what makes them as ambitious as water.



Leo people are stern, head-strong, and frantic. Their incredible energy is always commendable. They are extremely vocal. This is the quality that makes them as temperamental as Fire.



Virgo people are insightful and thorough observant. They can not stop thinking. They have a lot of imagination in their mind. That is why they resemble the endless trait of the sky.



Libra people are mature to understand things. Their immense sense of bifurcation of good and bad makes them powerful as air.



Scorpio people are miscellaneous. They tend to have different ideologies in mind to implement. This vague quality makes them more resemble an obscure sky.



Sagittarius people are fond of their hobbies. What they truly want to do, pursue their dreams. They won’t be stopped by any. This passionate quality of fire makes them unique.



Capricorn People are calm, confident, and static. They are very good at promises. The quality of being loyal as the earth makes them unique.



Aquarius people can behave differently. According to the situations, they change their behavior. They are as moody as air



Pisces people tend to have the quality of immense imagination in their minds. They have a lot of things to imagine and dream about. They are as dreamy as water.


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