AstrologyPlanets In Astrology And Their Impacts On Your Life

26th October 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

Astrology is such a wide topic that if you start exploring it, it may never end. Since we have discussed the Astrological houses, and elements in our previous topics.

It’s time now we learn more about the third factor, planets in astrology, and their impact on our health.

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Have you heard someone say that ‘my moon is not in the right house’ or even after you have improved the eating habits you still suffer from constant stomach aches, well today you’ll understand why these phrases are used or why you experience such things?

The planets and their significance 

  • Sun

The Sun


The God of prophecy and solar incarnation has a direct impact on our blood vessels, heart, bone, and stomach. Ruler of Leo, it causes high fever and anemia, and various skin problems.

  • Moon

The Moon

The goddess of hunting and lunar incarnation has an impact on our kidney, stomach, breast, lungs, heart, mind, and left eye. Lack of intelligence, problems related to menstruation, lung disorder, and other related parts are caused due to it. It is the ruler of Cancer.

  • Mercury

Murcury Planet

The God of messenger, travel, and commerce affects our digestive and nervous system along with tongue, navel, nose, and arms. It causes problems like typhoid, paralysis, dizziness, etc. It rules Gemini and Virgo.

  • Venus

Planet Venus

The goddess of romance and lust affects our reproductive organs, throat, face, and skin. It causes eye disorders, genital diseases, throat infection, and other related problems if a person has weak Venus. It rules Taurus and Libra.

  • Mars

Planet Mars

The God of war is believed to effects our muscles, genitals, neck, blood, marrow, energy, and veins. It causes injuries, cuts, burns, weak bones, piles, blisters, and other related problems. It rules Aries.

  • Jupiter

Planet Jupiter

The leader, King, and father of Olympian gods rules Sagittarius. It has a direct effect on our thighs, liver, blood vessels, fat, and spleen. It causes problems like diabetes, obesity, and skin related problems.

  • Saturn

Planet Saturn

The God of agriculture and father of Jupiter rules Capricorn. It affects our joints, lungs, legs, teeth, skin, and knees. Asthma, weakness in muscles or bones, blindness, and other chronic diseases may be caused by a weak Saturn.

  • Uranus

Planet Uranus

The God of the sky, father of Saturn, and grandfather of Jupiter rule Aquarius. It has a direct effect on our arteries, spinal cord, and heart.  It causes diseases related to the nervous system and also the main cause of heart attack.

  • Neptune

Planet Neptune

The ruler of Pieces also the God of sea impacts our mind, sleep, and causes numerous problems like insomnia, infections, and other contagious diseases.

  • Pluto

Planet Pluto

The God of the underworld and death is the ruler of Scorpio. It causes general diseases, congenital diseases, and also problems caused by radiation.


According to the best astrologers in the world, all these three factors of Vedic astrology i.e Houses, Elements, and Planets affect your life more than you can imagine. So it is highly recommended to do your birth chart. So that they can map the problem are and work on that or suggest proper remedies.

So for now let’s end this discussion. I hope you got a full understanding of these planets and their effects.

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