AstrologyPanchmahapurush Yog : Why is it auspicious?

28th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

The Panchamahapurusha Yoga is very unusual yet most talked about yog in astrology. The yog comes into existence due to Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. The panchamahapurusha yoga is named Ruchak, Bhadra, Hansh, Malavya, Sasha. It is believed that a person with Panchamahapurush Yog is naturally valiant, eloquent, prosperous, intellectual, sagacious, spiritual. A myth that is prevalent among people is people who are born in Panchamahapurush yog are invincible. Well, this is again a concoction of absurdity. On this gigantic planet, the most important thing is “Karma”. Karma includes good deeds as well as hard work. So it takes only perseverance and dedication to achieve something. Yes, the Yog bestows you with talents but those virtues need to be polished.

The classification


1. Ruchak Yog

Ruchak yoga is the first yog in the Panchamahapurusha Yog. This yog comes into existence when Mars is positioned in the Centre(Kendra triangle(Trikona) and its sign in Aries or Scorpio or heightened in Capricorn. A person of Ruchak yog is extremely talented, confident and imposes high moral values.


2. Bhadra Yog

The Bhadra Yog- the second one in Panchamahapurusha Yog happens when in the birth chart, the exalted Mercury remains in Kendra or Trikono to influence Gemini and Virgo. The significance of the planet Mercury denotes, a person with Bhadra yog remains undaunted of apprehensions. They are fearless. Their intelligence, sharpness, and articulation make them one of a kind.


3. Hansha yog

The Hansha yoga is considered as the most powerful yog in Panchamahapurusha Yog. The wonderful exalted Jupiter neither in Kendra or Trikona brings Hansha yog. The Hansha Yog having people who are extremely sagacious and broadminded. They look beyond the possibility. People of such Yog become champions of eloquence. They are well-spoken and determined.


4. Malvay Yog

When the planet Venus is own signed and remains in Kendra, the Malvay Yog happens. The exalted Venus plays a very important role to influence the zodiac. People who are born with Malvay Yog are rich, prosperous, and good at business. They tend to acquire more in cut-throat competition. These People believe in the power of resources and capital. They go beyond the limit and achieve incredible things in life.


5. Sasa Yoga

The Sasa yoga transpires when the planet Saturn is positioned in its sign in the Capricorn and the Aquarius and exalted in Libra. When Sasa yoga comes into the existence, the person becomes astute in its approach. He becomes witty and talented. Mostly people of Sasa yog are inclined towards Politics and Economics. They have the leadership quality to influence people to obey them.


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