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20th February 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In contemporary home decor and embellishments, the prominence of paintings and portraits are so explicit to observe. Whether ancient creations or modern arts, people choose to festoon their walls with vivacious artificial views. But most of the time, the positioning of those paintings, according to Vastu, brings dire consequences in the house. As a result, the inhabitants of the residence go through severe suffering. Since every painting portrays certain activities and emotions, it is necessary to place them in the right direction for compatibility and fruitful results.

Here brings you a few of the common portraits, their feature, and correct positioning. Hope you find the most useful.


Horse portrait

The painting of seven or eight horses should be placed only on the southern wall.

The galloping position of the horses should be directed to inside the home.

Seven galloping horse with red background implies planet Mars. But you need vast expert advice to do that.

Don’t hang the seven-galloping horse portrait near the bedroom.


The Surya Dev

Sun God has the Vahan horse; seven in a chariot. This is considered very auspicious keeping at home.


Waterfall Painting

Your waterfall portrait should not face the southeast, southwest, or northwest direction.

A waterfall painting on the south wall would harm the health of inhabitants.

The bedroom is not ideal for Waterfall painting.

Flowing water symbolizes business growth. You can place them in your drawing room.

Ensure that the water body is flowing, not stagnant.


Ganesha Portrait

If you are choosing a Ganesha portrait, make sure you get a white one. It implies peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Ganesha in the portrait should be in a sitting posture. This indicates calmness and a composed demeanor.

It is believed that behind Ganesha, the patal lok does exist. So if you putting a Ganesha in the entrance facing outside, make sure you put a similar portrait of Ganesha in the same wall, facing inside.

The direction of his trunk should be directed to the left.

Buddha portrait

The Buddha portrait suits the ambiance of the library room.

Don’t place the portrait in a dark corner. People who visit your home should notice this.

Have the painting tight at the entrance to stay far from negativity.

You can put it in your bedroom safely.


Mountain Portrait

Don’t use the painting of mountains on the north wall of your house

A painting of a mountain placed in the north direction will restrict gain and career growth.

It may cause a decision fatigue inability.

If you want to have it, you can keep it in the southwest zone of the house or office.

This would help in increasing savings and would check on unwanted expenditures.


Children Portraits

You should neither install the portrait on the North or the South wall of any room.

Do not even think of placing the photograph in the Southwest corner.

Southwest corner has the Pada where “Pitru” ( meant for deceased ancestors) does exist. We should not install a kid portrait there.

The photograph of children deserves in the center East wall which signifies by the almighty Sun.

With the blessing of the Sun, we would like to see our children thrive and grow.

You should not have a photograph illustrating the child alone.

Better if you have a joint photograph with either his siblings or parents or friends.

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