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1. Can Numerology predict my future?

No, it cannot predict your future because it not “God”. But, yes it can reveal the numbers that are influencing your life. By understanding the impact of those numbers, I can draw conclusions about the nature of events happening to you and within you at any given time.


2. What should i do if there is a spelling mistake on my birth certificate?

Ensure to use the correct spelling.

3. Which name we should use to calculate the numerology chart – the birth-certificate name or current name?

Both must be used to know the complete and accurate story of your life.

4. Is it essential for you to know the time & place of my birth?

No, these things are required for astrology. In numerology, what all you need is the date of birth; full birth-certificate name; and your first and last name. Make sure that this information is 100% correct; otherwise the entire reading will get wrong.

5. Is there any number termed as a lucky number in Numerology?

No. It is your power of belief that makes a number lucky or unlucky.

6. If my numbers are not compatible with my partner’s number then will the relationship fail?

No, not necessarily, there are so many other components to take into consideration.

I have given consultation to so many clients who have incompatible numbers but they are happily married.

7. Are there good and bad numbers?

No there is no such thing called good or bad numbers but yes each number is associated with positive and negative energies.

8. Are there certain numbers who can provide us an easier life?

No. Every number is associated with life lessons and challenges to overcome. Since you are born to learn and grow from your life experiences here on Earth, despite of the fact that how much you are spiritual, well behaved, healthy, intelligent, there will always be lessons to learn.

9. What is Predictions for success?

It is an astrology based web service provider. Shweta Bhardwaj & Vishal Bhardwaj are the main astrologers, numerologist and vaastu expert.

10. How much time do you take to predict our chart?

Once I receive the fee, although I try to do it ASAP, I may require 12-14 working days to study a chart as I am mostly occupied and I never want to compromise on the time I give to each chart. I hope you will agree with this.

11. Is our pricing competitive?

We believe that our knowledge should be used to improvise your lives and not only earn more. Hence, we have kept our price standards reachable.

12. What other services I can get from Predictions for success?

Predictions for success provide various services like Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra, Career Consultation, Relationship Counselling, etc.

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