NumerologyNumber 1: The Boss- The Dominor- The Best?

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Numbers revolve around us indicating a different meaning of life. Different numbers show different characteristics of a person. Nature has its own way of speaking through numbers. Each number has its own depth and meaning to it. The numbers hold the value of the inherent characteristics of a person.

Numerology speaks the language of numeric science. Numerology is as old as the origin of numbers is. Traits have been assigned to the different numeric value derived. The single digit numbers start from 0 and end with 9. Each number shows a specific set of qualities and character.  The trait of each number in numerology briefs about the person’s nature.

Number 1 is the origin of the counting of numbers. The person having 1 as numeric value is said to be the most independent of all (numbers). The person with this number value has great leadership qualities and is full of courage. It is an individualistic number. As Number 1, you do not depend on others for your chores. The person having this value loves to rule and lead. Native loves to volunteer for different initiatives. Being a strong leader, he/she is dominating and dictating in nature. They strive their best in whatever work they do.

Number 1 is considered to be masculine and of vigorous personality. They usually function ahead or above the world because of their leadership abilities. Their ambitions or goals are really crucial for them to achieve in their lives. They are very clear about their objectives and what they want to do in their life but it causes them a sense of irritation/agitation when someone tries to control or restrict them. They have a good social circle and are in search of new adventures.

They are considered to be prideful but often took as an egoist and self-centered. They are the initiators of new ideas and projects. They are not followers; they are the leaders. For them, ‘Win’ is the only motive of the game. They get so inclined in their goals that they seem to ignore or immune other’s feelings. They are also known for their extravagant way of spending.  They endeavor to earn respect and recognition for the efforts they put into.

Number 1 desires to be number 1 in the work they aspire. They are considered as strong head people. They possess a sense of right and wrong and are tactical in nature. Even in complex circumstances, they come up with best decisions which ultimately add up to their great leadership skills.

They would perfectly blend in the job profile like designing, writing, administrative, leader, trainer, author, etc. due to their authoritative nature. Analysis of anyone’s character is not just based on a single number; it takes a sum of calculations to arrive at a conclusion. For further understanding and knowledge, you can visit our website

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