VastuNot Just a Staircase but the Staircase to Success

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A staircase is an integral part of a house with multiple floors. They can come in different materials like wood, metal, cement, etc. It is extremely important to plan the direction or style of the staircase one is going to install according to Vastu for a positive home environment. According to the best Vaastu Experts in India, the way a staircase is built must conform to some guidelines as per Vaastu because oddly constructed stairs are said to lead to various ill effects like disease, negative things and disruption of the mental stability of the inmates of a house.

As per the best Vaastu Experts in Dehradun, a staircase is a heavy structure, and the construction of a staircase should be avoided in negative zones of a house because that can lead to a lot of financial losses. However, these troublesome situations can be avoided by practicing the following tips that can help you make your staircase Vaastu compliant:

  • Stairs should ideally be built in South, West or Southwest corners of your house for the inmates’ health and financial prosperity.
  • Staircases should always be constructed in such a way that the number of stairs should not be even or have a zero unit place.
  • Avoid constructing stairs in a circular form as they may cause negative effects on your health. A staircase should not encircle a house or building because that can attract calamities.
  • A staircase that are not well maintained or damaged cause mental stress and restlessness among the residents.
  • Make sure that your staircases arise from South, West or Southwest to enhance your financial gains.
  • Never build a room like a kitchen, Pooja room or bathroom under the staircase. This area can be used for storage, though.
  • Avoid using a common staircase for going upstairs and the basement.
  • A room that has a staircase in the Southwest corner of the basement is not suitable for living at all. People who live in these rooms experience undiagnosed diseases, abnormal blood pressure, and anemia that mostly remain incurable.

Cleaning up your staircase

It is extremely important to keep your staircase neat and tidy so that it does not attract any kind of negativity. A well-maintained staircase is a sign of a healthy home environment. Following are a few points to keep in mind to keep your staircase free from negativity:

  • In case your staircase is broken, then you must repair it as soon as possible. The broken staircase brings a lot of negativity in the house and may become a major reason for the poor financial condition.
  • For the positivity, you should paint your staircase with a light color. Avoid using dark colors to paint your staircase especially the colors: red and black should be avoided.
  • Keep an aquarium near your staircase for positivity and happiness in your home.
  • Do not use the staircase area to store clutter, it brings negativity and family may suffer due to lack of money

The maintenance of mental health, positivity, happiness, well being and prosperity can be attained with the help of guided tips by the best Vaastu Expert in India, Vishal Bhardwaj, For such guidance, visit


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