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Relationships have always had a beautiful essence of human life. The beauty of relationships can make a person rise above the tides. Relationships are part of every individual’s life.

Student Life, the most beautiful phase of our life. This phase can also be referred to as the absorption phase. A student has the most wonderful gift of God, the power of learning. Being a student, one is always eager to learn something new, good or bad, but something different. This is also the stage of anxiety and heartbreaks. Heartbreak, a word with a much greater meaning than the one highly misunderstood. The myth behind heartbreak is that it is caused mainly by a bad relationship, the relation of a boy and girl.

Contrary to the common belief, a relationship is not just a bond between a girl and a boy. The real meaning of a relationship is any kind of bond, love or hate, between two individuals be it two unknowns, parent-kid, teacher-student, and so on; any of these can be the reason for heartbreak for a student. The relationship is the plant that requires lots of nurturing.


The student’s mind being at a tender age is not so mature to make some decisions or understand how to tackle these heartbreaks. This is the time when Relationship Counselling dives in. Firstly, it is very important to understand what exactly Relationship Counselling is? The psychological science that deals with the understanding of a relation, finding out the weak links, and strengthens the relation by removal of weak links is what derives Relationship Counselling. In any relationship of student life, the major weak links are misunderstandings and the desire for independence.


Misunderstandings are very common in the student phase. The main reason for misunderstandings is the generation gap and lack of expressions. In the case of parent-kid or teacher-student relations, the generation gap is the most prominent issue. Everything that a student feels can be easily misunderstood as misbehavior by the adults. Moreover, advice from the senior is seen as ‘order’ from the student’s point of view and hence creating conflicts among both.

The same is the case with lack of expression as some students are unable to express themselves. This lack of expression can sometimes lead to stress and further to the worst cases of depression.

A relationship counseling session is a four-step course. The first and second steps comprise individual counseling sessions. In these sessions, both sides present their views about each other. In the third step, both sides are consulted together and some remedies are discussed for the betterment of a relationship. The fourth step is a post-analysis session. It determines the improvement, further course of remedies, and other suggestions if needed.


When a student undergoes this procedure, he can be expressive about his psychological condition. As mentioned and referenced by great doctors and researchers, Expressions, mainly verbal, can help you stay away from the demons of depression”. The main objective of such counseling sessions is to listen to every good or bad the student is suffering. Such counseling sessions can help in avoiding some unwanted situations like runaways, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health issues to be the least. These sessions could harbor the overall psychological growth of a student, after all, who could better understand a mind than a counselor and also transform the negative thoughts into positive goals.

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