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24th January 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

No relationship on this earth is free from feuds between. If there are two individuals, there will be different ideologies, opinions, and outlooks toward things. When those ideologies and opinions collide against each other, there will be discomfort between the peaceful equation of a couple. However, it is not always the collision of perspective that gives birth to a disturbance in a relationship. The power of astronomical happening influences personal equations, equally. But unfortunately, we get late to understand the fact and by the time, most of the relationships stand on the verge of separation.


Here we try to solve those complications in relationships with the best astrological remedies and expert advice.


1.Natal Chart Analysis


In the sphere of Horoscope and Astrology, Natal Chart is one of the mandatory aspects to look at. The chart provides ample information about the housemates and the distress in their love lives. It also suggests fruitful remedies to overcome the situation.


The seventh house of a Natal Chart implies marital alliance, love life, and the chemistry between a couple. It predicts the strength of a bond and suggests remedies if there are any loopholes in it.


The fifth house of the Natal Chart suggests the amount of intimacy and closeness that do exist between a couple. It simplifies the toughest aspects of a relationship.


The eleventh house of the chart helps to understand the durability of a relationship. It says how a long-term relationship does work with patience and tolerance.


  1. The Mars and Venus Theory

In astrology, Mars represents the male counterparts while Venus stands for female ones. These planets define the strength of individuals to hold the relationship longer. The study of both the planets explains attributes of both the gender and tries to bring them together under a single roof with peaceful coexistence.



  1. Yog and Dosha in the Kundli.


The conglomeration and positioning of planets in a zodiac sign brings different yogas and doshas to concerned individuals. When such things happen, there can be observed a drastic change in the behavior of an individual. Such behaviors are weird sometimes. People develop bizarre propensities and that affects their equation with partners. In such cases, the help of an expert becomes imperative.


To sum up, every relationship has certain lacunas in them to work upon. But it is necessary to understand the actual reason behind those downfalls. When you realize the reason behind it, then only you would have ideas on how to solve them. The vast knowledge of astrology is always there to help you out from inconveniences and that is what makes the study incomparable to others.

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