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multi-storey residential vaastu

The prosperity, success and happiness quotient is associated with properties that are designed according to the Vaastu principles. Hence, homebuyers now-a-days believe that such homes are good to buy as they are free from negative energies. Vaastu shastra has become a critical factor for choosing any property may it be a house or residential plot, each property should be in line with Vaastu standards. If a house or residential plot is designed according to Vaastu shastra, then the inmates will enjoy all kind of happiness in life. If it is against vaastu principles, then it will be a place of all sort of problems and worries.

It is very difficult to design Multi-Storied Residential Buildings as per the principles of Vaastu. This is because multi-storied buildings consist of many floors. Builders usually use each and every nook in multi-storey which is most of the sometimes opposite to Vaastu Shastra.

It is important to design buildings according to vaastu shastra because vaastu compliant buildings prove to be successful and famous however due to dearth of space in multi-storey buildings, it is very difficult to take care of Vaastu principles. But, still there are some basic rules relating to infrastructure that can be followed up to discard negative effects. They are as follows:

  • Choose rectangular or square plot.
  • Entrance of building should be in East or North direction.
  • There should be much more space towards North-east. You can utilize this space by creating a playground or lawn.
  • Avoid planting huge trees near the multi-storey building.
  • Avoid any obstruction at the entrance gate.
  • Under-water tank or bore-well should be in North-east direction.
  • Store room should be made in South-west.
  • Toilets should be made in North-west or West direction whereas create bathrooms in the North-east or North-west direction.
  • Construct kitchens in the South-east direction. Make sure kitchen should never be close to a bathroom or the temple.
  • Rooms should be made in the east direction so that morning sunlight rays falls in the room.
  • There should be ample ample ventilation in all the flats hence windows should be towards the Northern and Eastern direction.

Vastu Consultation for Multi-Storied Residential Buildings

Vishal Bhardwaj is a true Vaastu expert at Predictions For Success, who can understand the harmony of living and structure. It is always advisable to follow the principles of Vaastu Shastra while constructing a multi-storied building. It involves a thorough analysis because a home with positive energy not only protects you from negative energies but also motivates you to achieve your goals.

  • Proper location of the flat keeping in mind the adjoining flats.
  • The exteriors and facing of the flat.
  • The direction of the Entrance.
  • The direction and placement of the windows.
  • The direction and placement of the rooms.
  • The location of the beams.
  • The direction and placement of the furniture.
  • The direction and placement of the lift.
  • The direction and placement of the swimming pool.
  • The direction and placement of the electrical equipment’s.
  • The direction and placement of the stairs.
  • Do not place bedrooms in the North-East corner, as it is not an auspicious place for sleeping.

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