AstrologyArdra Nakshatra: Whats Special About This Nakshtra?

5th December 2020by Arjun Chouhan0

The sixth nakshatra is Ardra Nakshatra and its lord is ‘Durga’ and this nakshatra is located entirely within the sign of Gemini as per the astrology chart. (Also read about Ashwini, Bharani, Kritika, Rohini, and Mrigashira Nakshatra.)

The teardrop symbol is used to represent Ardra Nakshatra, it belongs to the Sankara caste.


Qualities, Naming letter, Lucky number, Dosha, Ruling deity, Lucky color of Ardra Nakshatra born people

– People who come under this nakshatra have out of the box thinking.

Naming letter of this Nakshatra is Ku, Kham, Ja, Chha.

Lucky number is 4 and the lucky color is green.

Dosha associated with this nakshatra is Vata.

Ruling deity of this Nakshatra is Lord Rudra.

Bird representing this Nakshatra is Andril.


Ardra Nakshatra characteristics for male

Male born in Ardra Nakshatra are very responsible and has a very sharp intuition, they have a very friendly nature and often becomes the center of attraction as well.

As far as their profession is concerned they don’t stick to one work and love doing multi-task, they usually go away from home for work and see a peak in their career at the age between 32-42.

The Ardra Nakshatra born male may face certain problems in their marriage especially if married early, however, a late marriage will turn out to be very good.

They may face certain incurable health problems such as asthma, heart diseases, and dental problems.


Ardra Nakshatra characteristics for female

A female born in Ardra Nakshatra is very well mannered, intelligent, and helpful, however, she can also be very fussy at times.

As far as their profession is concerned they are well educated and usually specialize in the field of electronics, engineering, or pharmacist.

Their married life may not be very smooth, even her bond with her children will not be established well and she may even have to suffer from a painful divorce.

They may face certain health issues such as menstrual problems, asthma, problems related to ENT, uterus, etc.


Ardra Nakshatra 1st Pada 

It is governed by Jupiter and comes under Sagittarius Navamsa, they are attracted towards materialistic things and love to explore new things.

Ardra Nakshatra 2nd Pada

It is governed by Saturn and come under Capricorn Navamsa here there can be a lot of misfortune and problems.

Ardra Nakshatra 3rd Pada 

It is governed by Saturn and comes under Aquarius Navamsa and it signifies a very scientific nature.

Ardra Nakshatra 4th Pada 

It is governed by Jupiter and come under Pisces Navamsa and it depicts sensitivity and compassion.


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