AstrologyMoon In Second House of Zodiacs(Libra-Pisces)

24th June 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

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Moon in the second house of Libra
  • The native may lose family happiness.
  • He would face hurdles and difficulties in life.
  • He would strive hard to make the money for his family.
  • Health and fitness will be incredible for him.
  • But he would lose his authority again and again.


Moon in the second house of Scorpio
  • Witty, intelligent, and incredible.
  • Health and wealth, both are amazing!
  • He leads a happy and prosperous life.
  • He would enjoy immense success in his life with sheer perseverance and dedication towards his goals.


Moon in the second house Sagittarius
  • Handsome and charming by look.
  • A natural criticizer.
  • Disciplinary and punctilious attitude.
  • Unstable financial condition entire life.
  • He would adhere to some immoral ways of earning.


Moon in the second house of Capricorn
  • Hardworking and dedicated fellow.
  • Immensely wealthy and prosperous.
  • Part of a big family.
  • Healthy and good-looking.
  • He would maintain a reputation around for his goodwill.


Moon in the second house of Aquarius
  • Wealthy and prosperous person.
  • He gets a lot of attention in a big joint family.
  • He loves his wife and enjoys the proximity well.
  • The trouble with enemies and victory over them.
  • Dignity in the family and love around.


Moon in the second house of Pisces
  • The person is lucky and mentally alert.
  • Great willpower and immense business success.
  • He pays huge attention to family and relationships.
  • He is a man of morals and ethics.


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