AstrologyMoon In Second House of Zodiacs(Aries- Virgo)

23rd June 2021by Arjun Chouhan0

In the realm of astrology, the significance of houses and the presence of the moon in them do not need any exaggeration! With every zodiac sign, the moon defines certain characteristics and future hints that are considered inevitable. Here we bring you the position of the Moon in the first house of each zodiac and its impact and efficacy…

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Moon in the second house of Aries



  • The moon in the second house of Aries implies a serious desire “To have”.
  • They would want to have immense material gain and sexual pleasure too!
  • Native would be wealthy and aspiring.
  • Great oral knowledge, education, and passionate!


Moon in the second house of Taurus


  • The person becomes wealthy, affluent, and charming!
  • The native endeavors are hard in life.
  • Happiness in the family, good career, lovable life partner.
  • Things go just the way the native desires!
  • A prosperous life overall.


Moon in the second house of Gemini
  • Extremely hard-working people and love to acquire things with dedication.
  • They are incredibly religious.
  • Some problems would arise in life and those would remain persistent!
  • Distress and difficulties would surround him…


Moon in the second house of Cancer
  • Attractive physique and natural charm. Eloquent and magical.
  • Sound financial condition and profitable job.
  • The reputed and royal family he would belong to.
  • Some health issues, specifically abdominal would be persistent.
  • Mental stress would be there too.


Moon in the second house of Leo
  • The native would be extremely charming with eloquence and outlook!
  • He would carry a materialistic approach towards life.
  • Most of the time unstable financial condition.
  • Unhealthy food habits and eyesight issues would be persistent in life.


Moon in the second house of Virgo
  • The native may have good looks and charm on the face.
  • Restless, shameless, and fickle mind!
  • Well, good respect in society among all. A person of great sensuality.
  • Persistent cold and cough-related issues!


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