AstrologyMoon In First House of Zodiacs(Virgo-Pisces)

21st June 2021by Arjun Chouhan0
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Moon in the first house of Virgo


  • The person is extremely fair, handsome, and charming
  • Romantic and flirtatious by nature.
  • Quite a fickle person with childish decisions in life.
  • Wealthy and rich! Also a good partner in love life
  • Always a travel freak and explorer to different places!


Moon in the first house of Libra


  • The native has a natural charm and a good look
  • Sometimes restless from the mind and indecisiveness
  • Independent, intolerant, and hard-working by nature
  • Social respect and gain of eminent position in life
  • Salesman, IT sector jobs suit them most.
  • Moon in the first house of Scorpio
  • A sensitive, creative and artistic person
  • A great rapport with your mother and that is unbreakable
  • The need for an emotional partner is always there
  • Honesty and truthfulness are the basis of life
  • The native might be good-looking, charming, and handsome!


Moon in the first house of Sagittarius


  • The person becomes Strong, affectionate, caring, and straightforward
  • They love to seek attention from others
  • Travel freak and love to explore things around
  • Passionate about their job and passion
  • Respectful positions in future and visit to exotic places


Moon in the first house of Capricorn


  • The individual becomes way practical and responsible with his duties
  • Extremely ambitious in life and great desires to accomplish
  • A person with a heart and true compassion for others
  • Always a strong and stringent person to the difficulties in life.
  • Profitable jobs in the future and all the laurels. Good life partner and happy inhibition.


Moon in the first house of Aquarius


  • The native has a charming personality with progressive thoughts
  • Extremely sensitive regarding own freedom
  • Job in financial sectors.
  • Very good at making new friends in life
  • Understandable life partner and full of love life


Moon in the first house of Pisces


  • Healthy Look and fair complexion with a great personality
  • Moody, sensitive, and emotional often
  • Inclined towards comfort and luxurious lifestyle
  • Name and fame will be there for sure!
  • A very religious person to follow the deities and related celebrations


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