NumerologyMoolank, Bhagyank, Namank- An Analysis

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In the phenomenon of numerology, there are several important factors to discern. Since the study of numerology primarily focuses on the significance of numbers, here, every aspect of the study is associated with numbers only. Here numbers play a very significant role in the life span of an individual. They not only shape the path of an individual, with measures they predict and warn the person to remain safe from unprecedented ordeals and perils.


Here brings you three important aspects of numerology that conspicuously impact the well-being of individuals and make their life, either easier or a journey full of thrones!


So those three aspects are-

1. Mulank

2. Namank

3. Bhagyank



Before we discuss about Mulank, it becomes indispensable to understand the true meaning of the word. The word is a portmanteau of two different Sanskrit words; Mula(main) and Anka(number). Here the essence of Mula is related to birth! The day an individual comes to exist into this purgatory world, is considered as Mula day or birthday. The day that bears a date irrespective of any number within 31st in any month and year, becomes the Mulank for the person. The importance of Mulank for a person is incomparable. The timing of coming to this earth decipher the purpose of the birth. It also magnifies the ethical Karma for the individual.




The Namank is an amalgam of two different words; Naam(name) and Anka(number). In numerology, every letter is associated with a number. When a baby comes into this world, the parents give it an identity on Naam Patrika or Kundli. That name is consists of several numbers behind. Those numbers have certain implication to convey! Those numbers are simple traits of your characteristics and always have a vague prediction to predict about you.



Bhagyank is a portmanteau of Bhagya(destiny) and Anka(number). The bhagyanka or destiny number is decided by the sum process of the date of birth. For example, the 2nd of August 1994 is the birthday. Then the bhagyank is 2+8+1+9+9+4= 33 = 3+3= 6. So the bhagyank is 6. Now what implication this number six has and how it can be decisive in your life will be studied in numerology. The destiny number is very important. Especially, in sports and the field of art and creativity, people use these numbers as their identity.

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