Virgo Monthly Forecast

AUG 23-SEP 22

April 2021 is going to be a month full of disappointment for you, Virgo! Your every plan would shatter to make you feel helpless. Nothing can help you out this month. Every situation you be in will try to overpower you. Every aspect of life will be affected. Starting from money to health, everything will go through a tunnel of darkness. Even though the problems are transient and would mitigate over the days, your suffering becomes inevitable. You have to suffer. Since the month is not producing decent results for you, make sure you become patient to face everything.


Nothing would help you this month to overcome the scarcity of money. You have to embrace the defeat and get humiliated for not coming up to the expectations. You would ask for help from your friends but that minimal assistance can not suffice your problems. Be careful, Virgo.


Your love life will also go through a tough phase. Because of unprecedented misunderstanding between you and your partner, things would turn ugly. Arguments would take place. Just be patient at that time to control things! Your anger might ruin a lot of things between you. Single people will also find it difficult to get their life partner. Overall a disappointing month for Virgo, as far as love is concerned.


In career also there are no such proficient opportunities for people. No matter how hard you try to step forward in this month, things would turn ugly. You better stay calm to wait for the opportunities in the next month. Sometimes you have to concentrate in silence and get prepared for everything. Losing hope won’t help you at any cost!


Not so a good month for you. Anxiety, depression, and other health issues will be there to hound you all the time. You would try to escape from them but things won’t turn fruitful. They have a particular period of bearing. After that things will get better. You should take proper food and drink plenty of water these days! Have rest at home and when you are stepping outside, make sure you carry your mask and sanitizer with you.

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