Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

September brings you the end to long running stress and responsibilities. You may live your life by your rules this month. Work and other responsibilities will not pose any restrictions to your freedom and personal space. You may expect a weekend getaway with your loved ones. You will experience a great stress-free month and it may turn out to be rewarding if you keep up the hard work.


September may prove to be a goldmine for you. You need to make the right decisions and focus on your goals to attain the success you desire. The money will find its way back to you whenever you will feel a minor setback or shortage of funds.


The freedom you will get in this month will prove to be rewarding for your love life. You will be able to spend some quality time with your family and friends. You may also take up a weekend getaway vacation with your loved ones.


With less stress and peace of mind, you will be able to focus better on your career and make the right decisions. You may also feel the need for correcting some old decisions for betterment.


Stress levels will drop down to almost zero and you will receive your happiness back. This month will be filled with joy and care. Avoiding unhealthy food in monsoon can help avoid unwanted fever.

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