Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

This month would be a mix-bag for you. Your charming personality is going to bring you some recognition either at work or in your family life. Do not lose your cool when things do not happen immediately when you expect them to happen. Take care of what you say to others as you might hurt someone’s feelings deeply this month. Overall, this month will turn out just fine for you.


You might have to use your savings this month. But it will not be an unnecessary expenditure. So do not shy away from investing in a new venture.


You will be successful in attracting the person you desire this month. Be patient and true about your feelings as they may doubt your intensions initially.


You will get results according to the efforts you put into your work. Maintain a good relationship with your seniors and do not disrespect your subordinates.


Stop eating outside food as there is a chance of stomach related problems this month.

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