Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

This month, luck will be on your side. Despite the good cheer all around there would also be an undercurrent of anger and frustration till 21st of March.

There will be so many challenges starting from 5th of March when your finances & speaking skills could turn unsteady, due to which you will start making mistakes. After 15th of March, you will be able to control yourselves and also see a jump in gains from real estate. 22nd of March onwards your aggression would rise towards others that would lead to unnecessary fights. 23rd March onwards you will see health issues along with other challenges.


It’s a great month for investments. You will achieve a lot of gain. Wastage of money & unnecessary expenses are possible after 21st of March so avoid major investments.


You would be in a blissful & party zone this month, hence love life would also go smoothly. Everything would be great till 21st of March, some ego & work related blocks could be felt after 22nd of March. Spouse would gain control & would have an upper hand after 22nd of March.


You would be in control hence, you will do very well. You will achieve a lot of appreciation due to your creative ideas, support of your superiors as well as people in government and authority.


There will be no major health challenge throughout this month.

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