Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

You would spend the next month working on one particular inner task: you must cut away anything in your life that makes you feel unsure about yourself, whether it’s a personal relationship, a job that makes you unhappy, or a lifestyle that no longer suits you. If a health issue has been nagging at you, seek out medical advice and solve this problem.


A new development is about to take place that will set you in an uncomfortable position. Once that happens, your money situation is sure to change.


It’s time for you to think hard about what you want from a partner. If you already have someone special, you two will begin a new phase in your relationship – a far deeper one.


The hardest part of your job will be, to remain at the same place while doing different jobs, just go for it, no matter what the odds seem to be.


You have to take special care of your body this month, avoid eating outside if you can.

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