Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

Put aside the material this month, sweet Taurus. Financially, you will be taken care of. You’ll be getting a sense of this more in January. It is way more important now that you are open to the possibilities life is yearning to bring you. Every day is a gift. Love is lingering. Magical projects are circling. And you have the heart and the eye to catch hold of what is trying to find you. Embrace what uniqueness you can bring to situations. There is a feminine energy helping you receive more with a self-confidence you haven’t felt before. Just keep allowing what wants to come to you. And say yes to something that feels a little scary to you now—that’s probably exactly the one.


This month, your business will not see much heights but the stability you find will be impeccable. Any legal charges against your business will be withdrawn by the end of the month. Fourth week will be more suitable to deal with huge money.


This month you will feel a little more attracted towards your partner as Venus will show its effect. If you have been thinking to talk about your feelings, third week will be really suitable for you to express your feelings.


This month, you will earn from external sources more than your usual job. There will be no major turns in your career this month but you must be more attentive towards people from the same field. Third week will be sloppy this month for people in the medical field.


You’ll want to sharpen skills related to your wellness routine, you’ll feel even more confident initiating dialogues with trusted experts or coaches in the field. The whole experience can have you feeling more knowledgeable and stronger.

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