Taurus Monthly Forecast

APR 20-MAY 20

You will acquire the power of persuasion this month. A friend, family member or acquaintance will come to you for advice and will depend on whatever you say so think thoroughly before helping them. Plan strategically before making any plans. You can face some differences in opinion from others. Better to skip a day of drama than to permanently burn bridges with people who you can’t really throw out of your life, for instance, your conservative brother or your spouse’s parents.


Keep a check on your savings. Investing in real estate will prove to be beneficial for you. Donations to charity will bring joy and peace to your soul.


Be accepting and kind towards your partner during hard times. They may not show it often but are emotionally dependant on you. Develop hobbies that both of you can engage in together. This is a great time for people searching for a life partner.


Strictly stay away from office politics and favoritism. Sheer hard work will get you to where you desire to be. Try to stay as professional as possible and do not let friendship and personal relationships mix with work.


You will maintain sound heath this month. Practice yoga and meditation for inner peace.

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